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Metador Threat Group Cyberespionage Telecom ISP Middle East Africa Windows Backdoor Malware

The new Metador group hits orgs with cyberespionage attacks

Security researchers have recently identified and shared details about a new hacking group they named ‘Metador,’ targeting telecom firms, internet service providers, and educational institutions. Based on reports, the Metador group aimed their cyberespionage attacks against Middle Eastern and African firms. The studies about the hacking group also revealed how they are highly aware of...
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Desorden Threat Group Hacked Malaysia Telco redONE Data Leak Dark Web Cybercrime Hacking Forum

Desorden Group claimed to hack Malaysia’s telco firm redONE

On September 26, the notorious hacking group “Desorden Group” announced a data breach attack against one of the telecommunication giants in Malaysia, redONE. This discovery was found by our dark web monitoring team in iZOOlogic in an underground cybercriminal forum, adding that the group had already shared data samples of the hack, which was then...
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Optus Data Breach Hacker Extortion Telco Dark Web Threat Actor Australia Cyberattack

The Optus data breach hacker backs out from extorting the telco

A few days after the Optus data breach attack had been announced to the public, cybersecurity researchers discovered that the threat actors behind it had requested $1 million from the Australian telecom firm to prevent the stolen customer data from being sold online, although eventually withdrawing their malicious plans. Upon monitoring the dark web for...
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Optus Data Breach Exposed Data 9M Hacked Vulnerability Telecommunication Telco Australia

The Optus breach exposed the data of over 9M users to hackers

Recent reports revealed that the Australia-based telecommunications firm Optus had been hit with a data breach attack, compromising the personal data of millions of Australian citizens. This issue came to light after the telco released a public statement, disclosing that approximately nine million Australians’ data might be exposed to hackers. The telco’s statement also mentioned...
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India Telco Telecommunication Vodafone Idea Data Breach Vulnerability Compromised Data

Indian telco Vodafone Idea clarifies details on data breach issue

Security researchers recently reported a data breach incident on one of India’s major telecommunication firms, Vodafone Idea, allegedly exposing sensitive credentials of about 20.6 million people online. The Indian telco confirmed the incident last August 22, but they denied that there were compromised data leaked publicly. Based on the initial reports, the data included in...
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Hackers Brand Abuse MediaTek Chips Hardware Vulnerability Xiaomi Smartphones Android Mobile Payment

Hackers could abuse MediaTek chips on Xiaomi smartphones

Cybersecurity analysts have discovered a security flaw in the payment system on Xiaomi mobile phones that depend on MediaTek chips. These chips provide a trusted execution environment for signing and completing payment transactions. Malicious threat actors could abuse the security vulnerabilities to sign fake payment packages using a third-party unprivileged app. This detail implies that...
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Hackers Compromised Device Elastix VoIP Systems Web Shells RCE PHP Backdoor

Hackers compromised the Elastix VoIP Systems to deliver web shells

A malicious threat campaign conducted by an identified group of hackers has been targeting the Elastix VoIP telephony servers and systems to deploy multiple PHP web shells. Unfortunately, there are already more than half a million malware samples that the researchers uncovered in just three months. Based on reports, cybersecurity experts claim that the threat...
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Mantis Botnet Powerful Botnet Malware DDoS Cybersecurity Cyberattack

Mantis botnet described as the most powerful botnet to date

A new botnet, dubbed Mantis, that security researchers spotted last June was said to have performed a record-breaking DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack against its targets, being described as one of the most powerful botnet variants. From the reports about the Mantis botnet, its attacks had topped at 26 million HTTPS requests per second, coming from...
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French Telecommunication Europe Ransomware Cyberattack Lockbit Ransomware Cybercrime

A French telecommunication company got hit by a ransomware attack

A France-based telecommunication service called La Poste Mobile has issued a threat advisory regarding a recent ransomware attack. Based on the report, the ransomware attack targeted the telco company’s administrative and management systems earlier this month. Some researchers claimed that the LockBit ransomware group orchestrated the campaign. Fortunately, the company’s security was quick on its...
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PingPull Malware Gallium Threat Group Cyberattacks Chinese Hackers

New PingPull malware used by Gallium threat group for their attacks

A Chinese-speaking advanced persistent threat group called Gallium has been discovered utilising a newfound remote access trojan, PingPull malware, for its cyber-espionage campaigns. The group is known for attacking different industries in Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia (SEA). The PingPull malware is a very challenging backdoor for researchers to detect since it uses the Internet...
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