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Charter Communications Customer Data Security Breach Dark Web Marketplace Telecommunications US

Charter Communications customers’ data exposed in a breach

A third-party vendor of a US-based telecommunications firm Charter Communications was hit with a security breach, exposing numerous customer data to hackers. The company discovered the issue after finding a post in an underground hacking forum from a threat actor claiming they obtained data from Charter Communications. The hackers had allegedly acquired the telecom firm’s...
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Hacked Telco US T-Mobile Customer Info Data Breach Cyberattack Cybersecurity Insecure API

A hack on telco firm T-Mobile affected over 37M customers

An American wireless network operator, T-Mobile, recently revealed that a data breach incident on their systems had affected over 37 million customer accounts. The telco firm disclosed details of the incident to the US SEC, explaining that malicious actors began their hack last January 5. The minute that the telco firm identified the malicious access...
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Intrado US Telecom VOIP Ransomware Cyberattack Data Breach Extortion

Intrado telecom provider suffered a ransomware attack

The US-based telecom provider, Intrado, announced earlier this week that they had suffered a ransomware attack from the Royal group. The ransomware group claimed that they had stolen data from the telecommunication’s systems and is now threatening the company to leak the data on their leak site if they do not receive a ransom payment....
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Hacker Stolen Data Customer Info PII Telekom Malaysia Telecommunication Telco Fraud Prevention

A hacker nicked over 2.7M data entries from Telekom Malaysia

A Malaysian telecommunications company, Telekom Malaysia, reported a data breach incident after learning that malicious actors gained access to its systems on December 28. The incident is said to have affected all of the company’s Unifi Mobile users, including individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Reports reveal that the hacker who posted the telco’s...
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TPG Telecom Australia Exposed Email Data Breach Hacked Exchange Server

TPG telecom reveals exposed emails from a recent hack

The TPG telecom company stated that a hacking group hunted down crypto and financial information from the exposed emails of a recent cyberattack. According to the company, an email-hosting service utilised by more than 15,000 Westnet and iiNet business customers has been infiltrated by hackers. The attackers specifically searched for financial and cryptocurrency information from...
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Telstra Australia Telco Telecommunication Data Leak Customer Info Fraud Prevention

Telstra telco provider accidentally leaked customers’ data

The Telstra telco provider in Australia has unintentionally leaked the information of more than 132,000 of its customers. Based on reports, leaked data includes names, addresses, and numbers whose details were not supposed to be listed for public access. The company apologised and stated that they were already communicating to some unlisted customers whose credentials...
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Scattered Spider Threat Gang Telecommunication BPO Fraud Prevention Vishing SIM Swapping Social Engineering

Scattered Spider gang targets telcos and BPO companies

The Scattered Spider group’s financially motivated threat campaign heavily targets telecommunication and BPO companies. According to investigations, the group has been very elusive with their attacks, challenging many researchers to find them. The attacks began in the first half of 2022, and many analysts stated that the group has been using several access vectors. Based...
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Vodafone Italia Italy Hacked Data Breach Telecommunication Europe Compromised Data Subscribers Fraud Prevention

A reseller of Vodafone Italia gets hacked, resulting in a data breach

Vodafone Italia announced that it suffered a data breach incident after one of its commercial partners acting as their reseller suffered a cybercriminal attack. The telecommunication services company has then notified its customers regarding the incident. Based on the distributed notices, the cyberattack occurred at the start of September, compromising subscriber information. The exposed data...
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SIM Swap Scams Verizon Security Breach Customer Data Hijacking Fraud Prevention

SIM swap scams are feared after Verizon faces security breach

Verizon’s prepaid customers are alerted about a recent incident involving hackers accessing user accounts and using their credit card information to conduct SIM swap scams. In a statement, Verizon said that an unauthorised entity had access to the last four digits of customers’ credit cards, allowing them to process a SIM card change. The telco...
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Optus Hacked Gomo Virgin Mobile Customers Data Breach Telecommunication Australia

Recent Optus hack could affect Gomo and Virgin Mobile customers

Last week, the Optus telecommunication firm experienced a hack, resulting in millions of customer data loss from their servers. From our last update on this issue, the hacker, who goes by the username “Optusdata,” has withdrawn from extorting money from the company. Despite this good news, other hackers still got ahold of copies of the...
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