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DDoS Amplification Cyberttacks Hackers VOIP Mitel Vulnerability

New DDoS amplification attacks leveraged by hackers to target victims

Hackers have developed a new DDoS amplification method in attacks, with a 4.3 billion to 1 ratio, which experts see as a record-breaking amplification ratio ever executed. In distributed denial-of-service or DDoS attacks, threat actors target the networks or servers of their victims using an overload of requests and high volumes of data to cause...
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Lapsus$ Threat Group Cyberattacks Samsung Nvidia Data Exfiltration Dataloss Recovery

Lapsus$ threat group attacks Samsung shortly after targeting Nvidia

The Lapsus$ threat group has again performed a massive cyber-attack after recently targeting Samsung and leaking nearly 200GB worth of propriety data. The Korean tech giant was attacked right after the threat group’s attack on Nvidia that leaked over 1TB of data to the dark web. From a statement released by the threat group, they...
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Daxin Cyberattack Network Tool Chinese Hackers Backdoor Malware

The new Daxin cyberattack tool is allegedly linked with Chinese hackers

Dubbed Daxin, a sophisticated network attack tool was discovered to develop stealthy backdoors and is assumed to be associated with Chinese threat actors possibly in utilisation for a decade now. The Daxin network tool is developed exclusively for attacking secured networks that enable threat actors to infiltrate deep inside the targeted networks and steal data....
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SIM Swapping Cyberattack Campaigns Data Breach T-Mobile US

SIM swapping campaigns caused the latest data breach in T-Mobile

T-Mobile revealed that a new data breach has occurred in their network after many of their clients fell victim to SIM swapping campaigns. In an interview, the telecommunication firm stated that they had informed the customers affected by the SIM swapping scam. The victimised customers’ SIM card numbers have been illegally reassigned to another account,...
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Android Spyware SoSafe Chat Mobile App Remote Access Trojan

An Android spyware gets distributed via SoSafe Chat app

An end-to-end encrypted chat application named ‘SoSafe Chat’ has distributed the Android spyware called GravityRAT remote access trojan. This specific chat application has been fooling unaware victims by carrying spyware all along. This remote access trojan targets Indian users, and it is believed that the spyware’s operators are Pakistani threat actors. The data on the...
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Pink Botnet China DDoS attacks Traffic Overload Network Disruption Threat Actors

Pink Botnet infects millions of devices from China via DDoS attacks

Millions of devices have recently been reported to have been infected by a botnet dubbed Pink being involved in a wide DDoS campaign. For the last six years, Pink has been known to be the largest observed botnet. Based on a sample acquired by security experts last 2019, the Pink botnet is found to have...
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HTTPS Tech Retail Cyber Threats Ransomware Encrypted Attacks Cybercrime

HTTPS, tech, and retail firms are prone to cyber threats, according to new reports

New reports were published by security analysts recently, stressing the upsurge of cyber threats this year, including cyberattacks against HTTPS, tech, and retailer firms.  According to the report, threats against HTTPS have grown to over 314%, while threats against tech companies have dramatically surged to 2,300%. Retail companies, on the other hand, grew to 800% of exposure to cyber...
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Extortion Threat Groups DDoS Attacks Telecom UK cyber attack network disruption

Coordinated extortion-focused threat groups are condemned for DDoS attacks against telecom firms in the UK

An industry trade group recently reported that the series of cyberattacks against telecom providers in the UK came from an organisation of threat groups that aims to extort money from targeted victims. The Comms Council of the UK has released a statement saying that the coordinated extortion-focused cybercrime experts are behind the surge of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against telecom...
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UK House of Commons Email Threats Cyber Security Phishing Scam Malicious Emails Ransomware Vulnerability

The UK’s House of Commons gets exposed to cyber threats with a 358% upsurge rate for 2021

Security researchers have found out a 358% upsurge in the rate of malicious email threats being sent towards the inbox of the UK’s House of Commons in 2020. The Freedom of Information (FoI) data were acquired from the lower house of the UK’s parliament that revealed an increase in cyber threats over the previous years.  In 2018, HoC blocked over...
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Aerospace Telecommunication firms cyberattack Iranian Hackers Dropbox

Aerospace and Telecommunication firms attacked by Iranian Hackers that abuses Dropbox

A piece of new information reveals a cyber-spying campaign by Iranian hackers targeting the Middle East-based aerospace and telecom industries. The goal is to steal confidential information about assets, infrastructure, and technology while remaining unidentified and evading security systems using Dropbox reliant API.  A cybersecurity company based in Boston, Massachusetts, named the attack ‘Operation Ghostshell’. They pointed out the use of...
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