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Medical Firm Shields US Charged 2022 Security Breach Health Care

Medical firm Shields gets charged after the 2022 security breach

In 2022, a Massachusetts-based healthcare firm, Shields Health Care Group, had reportedly been hit with a data breach attack that exposed the data of over two million patients to hackers. Due to that incident, the medical firm will face two proposed class action lawsuits this year, coming from seven consolidated class action lawsuits filed against...
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Australia Woman Sentenced Jailed ID Fraud Scheme

Australian woman sentenced for her role in an ID fraud scheme

Australian law enforcement announced earlier this week that a woman from Melbourne arrested a couple of years ago is now sentenced to more than five years after participating in an ID fraud scheme. Reports state that the 24-year-old woman pleaded guilty to her actions in November last year. According to the authorities, the accused was...
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Authorities Website Take Down Policy Enforcement iSpoof Spoofing Service

Authorities have taken down the iSpoof spoofing service

An international law enforcement investigation has dismantled the iSpoof spoofing service, which led to the arrest of 146 people, including its alleged ringleader. Based on reports, most of the arrested individuals, including its head, were executed by London’s Metropolitan Police agency. Its operators offered the online spoofing service to cybercriminal groups that allowed them to...
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Malicious Domains DNS Pig Butchering Social Engineering Phishing Seizure

Malicious domains conducting pig butchering campaigns get seized

In a recent announcement, the DOJ said that seven malicious domains used by threat actors in ‘pig butchering’ campaigns had been seized. These campaigns involved threat actors luring their victims with social engineering tactics before conducting fraudulent activities against them. Over $10 million from May to August this year have been lost from the total...
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Swiss Authorities Zeus Cybercrime Leader Europe

Swiss authorities arrest the alleged Zeus cybercrime leader

The alleged Zeus cybercrime leader, Vyacheslav Igorevich Penchukov, also known as “Tank,” was apprehended in Geneva, Switzerland, in October. Based on reports, the Swiss Federal Office of Justice stated that Tank was arrested last month and is in a queue for extradition to the US. Penchukov currently faces numerous accusations from the US authorities, such...
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Nigerian Fraudster Hushpuppi Imprisonment Online Scammer BEC Business Email Compromise

A Nigerian fraudster ‘Hushpuppi’ receives 11 years of imprisonment

A Nigerian fraudster known as ‘Hushpuppi’ on Instagram had been convicted to 11 years imprisonment after he plotted to launder millions of dollars collected from cybercrimes, including business email compromise (BEC) scams. With his real name Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, Hushpuppi must pay $1,732,841 to two confirmed victims, both large organisations from the US and Qatar....
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BestBuy Hacker Dark Web Marketplace Daniel Kaye Threat Actor

BestBuy hacker called to court for operating a dark web market

A British male, well-known as the BestBuy hacker, was called by the U.S. DOJ to attend a hearing last week regarding an illegal operation of a dark web marketplace. Based on reports, the accused is named Daniel Kaye, known by several aliases like Poppet, UserL0ser, and Spdrman. The 34-year-old defender was allegedly the head of...
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Keyless Car Hackers Arrested Law Enforcement Spain Latvia France Europe Europol Car Theft

Keyless car hackers apprehended by law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies recently arrested a car theft organisation composed of keyless car hackers from Spain, Latvia, and France. Based on reports, 31 arrested suspects are members of a car theft ring that targeted automobiles from a couple of France-based car manufacturers. The criminals only targeted cards with keyless entry and push-start systems. They hack...
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Young Man Arrested Leaked Data Optus Scam Operation Guardian

Young man arrested after using leaked Optus data for scam

Law enforcement officers from Australia have apprehended a 19-year-old boy from Sydney after allegedly exploiting the leaked Optus data for an SMS scam campaign. Based on reports, the young man attempted to leverage the leaked data last month to extort its victims. The defendant is believed to have distributed numerous text messages for blackmail scams....
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Russian Hacker Aiding Students Cheat Joint Entrance Examination Mikhail Shargin

Russian hacker apprehended after aiding students with cheats

The Indian authorities announced last week that they had arrested a Russian hacker for illegally intruding into a software platform for the engineering entrance assessment the previous year. Based on reports, the suspect was apprehended by India’s Bureau of Immigration at a particular international airport in New Delhi and allegedly came from Kazakhstan. The Indian...
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