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Google Ads Spam Emails Phishing Rhadamanthys Info Stealer

Google Ads and spam emails vector for Rhadamanthys Stealer

The newly discovered Rhadamanthys Stealer has been circulating in the cybersecurity landscape by luring potential targets to phishing websites that impersonate popular software through Google Ads. Based on reports, the new threat that uses spam emails and Google Ads to infect servers was offered by its developers under a MaaS model. The Rhadamanthys Stealer spreads...
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Dark Pink APT Europe Asia Pacific Countries Phishing Campaign

Dark Pink APT eyes toward European and Asia Pacific countries

The Dark Pink APT group is a previously unknown entity targeting the government and military organisations in Europe and Asia Pacific. Based on reports, the advanced persistent threat group has already accomplished several attacks between June and December last year. Moreover, the group debuted its operations a couple of years ago and started increasing its...
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SaaS to SaaS Phishing Technique Cyberattacks Cloud Services Malware Delivery

SaaS-to-SaaS technique, a new method for phishing attacks

Researchers found a new phishing technique called SaaS-to-SaaS, a novel phishing strategy used by threat actors to evade security solutions. Based on reports, there is a rise in other malware delivery operations circulating in the wild. Phishing campaigns have now used video conferencing platforms, cloud-based file-sharing platforms, SMS, and workforce messaging apps to execute their...
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Phishers Fake Flipper Zero Tool Infosec Sector

Phishers use fake Flipper Zero tool to target the infosec sector

Information technology specialists are targeted by a new phishing campaign that endorses a fake Flipper Zero tool. According to researchers, the infosec community could fall victim to this phishing campaign as it uses an attractive product. The new Flipper Zero kit is a multi-functional portable cybersecurity tool for pen-testers and cybersecurity specialists. This tool enables...
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Cisco Grammarly Website Spoofed Dark Tortilla Malware

Cisco and Grammarly spoofed by the DarkTortilla malware

Researchers have stopped a new cybercriminal campaign that uses typo-squatted phishing sites to disseminate the DarkTortilla malware. According to investigations, the malware masquerades as Cisco and Grammarly websites to deceive its targets. A CISCO phishing website was also found that downloads a file from the attacker-controlled URL when accessed by a victim. The malware starts...
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MirrorFace Group Japanese Organizations Cyberattack Campaign

MirrorFace group targeted Japanese orgs in a new campaign

A new spear-phishing campaign tracked recently, dubbed Operation LiberalFace, is believed to be aimed against political organisations in Japan. Analysts added that this new malicious campaign was associated with a Chinese threat actor known as ‘MirrorFace.’ According to reports, the new phishing campaign of the MirrorFace group started weeks before the Japanese House of Councilors...
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Hackers SVG Files QBot Malware HTML

Hackers used SVG files to spread the QBot malware

Phishing operators use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files to distribute the QBot malware as an HTML attachment. Analysts explained that the current target of this phishing campaign is Windows systems. According to researchers, the attackers disseminated the new infection method through fraudulent email messages that feature HTML attachments with programmed SVG images that feature HTML...
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MuddyWater Hacker Group Phishing

The MuddyWater group used new tricks to target countries

Iran’s MuddyWater group is currently targeting numerous countries within West Asia and the Middle East with their new spear-phishing cybercriminal campaign. Based on reports, the ongoing campaign has attacked countries from the Middle East, such as Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Oman, Tajikistan, Qatar, Armenia, Egypt, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the UAE. The group’s operator is a direct...
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APT42 Threat Group Government Entities Middle East

APT42 group targets critical entities in the Middle East

Iranian threat actors known as the APT42 group were recently spotted deploying social engineering tactics and credential phishing campaigns against countries from the Middle East. Based on reports, this campaign is currently targeting researchers, diplomats, journalists, academics, politicians, and human rights activists that work in the Middle East. According to an investigation by a non-governmental...
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Earth Preta Threat Group Spear-Phishing Cyberattack TONESHELL Malware DLL Sideloading

Earth Preta group unleashes a spear-phishing campaign

An advanced persistent threat group called Earth Preta has deployed a massive spear-phishing campaign that targets several sectors worldwide. According to investigations, the APT group has deployed multiple malware strains such as PUBLOAD, TONESHELL, and TONEINS. Researchers discovered the threat actors target the academic, research, foundations, and government sectors of Asian Pacific countries like the...
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