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Video Game Gaming 2K Games Hacked Malware Propagation California US Hijacking RedLine InfoStealer

Video game firm 2K Games gets hacked for malware propagation

2K Games, a California-based video game publisher, reported that a cyberattack had hit its help desk platform, wherein the hackers sent fake support tickets to the targeted customers to spread malware. From the firm’s statement via a Twitter post, they confirmed that their help desk platform had been hacked by an unknown entity, targeting one...
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Rockstar Games Hacked Data Leak GTA 6 Source Code Dark Web Gaming US

A Rockstar Games hack has led to the leak of GTA 6 source code

An unidentified threat actor who successfully conducted a Rockstar games hack has exposed the gameplay videos and source code of the sixth franchise of the long-time hit video game series Grand Theft Auto (GTA). The hackers had infiltrated Rockstar Game’s Confluence wiki and Slack servers. They initially exposed the gameplay videos and source code on...
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Compromised Accounts Steam Gaming Sold Dark Web Hacking Forum Browser in the Browser BitB Phishing

Compromised Steam accounts sold online for about $100K

Steam users are not safe against another form of cyberattack, the Browser-in-the-Browser (BitB) method, which goes after professional gaming accounts to be hacked and sold access online. Based on reports, compromised Steam accounts could be sold to other hackers in underground marketplaces for around $100,000 to $300,000. The campaign involves a certain phishing kit that...
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Genshin Impact Anti Cheat System Vulnerability Exploit Bug Antivirus Gaming

Genshin Impact anti-cheat system exploited for disabling AV

Malicious threat actors have recently been spotted exploiting the Genshin Impact anti-cheat system to conduct ransomware attacks. The game’s module coded as mhypro2[.]sys does not need the targeted system to fully install the game since it can operate independently or be embedded in malware. This system allows adversaries to obtain a critical flaw that can...
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Trading Platform CS GO CS Money Hacked Threat Actors Gaming

The trading platform for CS:GO got hacked by threat actors

One of the largest trading platforms for Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) called CS[.]Money has taken down its website temporarily after a cyberattack against it occurred. The hackers managed to loot over 20,000 items from the trading platform that are worth a whopping $6 million. Counter Strike is one of the most famous first-person shooter...
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SolidBit Ransomware Strain Gamers Gaming Social Media League of Legends Github

New SolidBit strain targeted gamers and social media users

The SolidBit ransomware’s new variant is circulating in the cybercriminal landscape, targeting gamers and social media users online. Based on reports, the new ransomware variant is uploaded on GitHub and propagated by impersonating an application to bait targets. Most targeted applications included well-known games such as the League of Legends account checker feature. Once an...
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69M Neopets Customer Data Stolen Data Breach Gaming Dark Web RaidForums Cyber Threats

Over 69M Neopets data had been stolen in a data breach

A hack had recently transpired against a popular virtual pets browser game called Neopets, wherein about 69 million users’ personal information had been compromised. Previously, the same gaming platform had also undergone a data breach attack last 2013 when researchers identified hackers selling over 26 million stolen accounts from Neopets users on the dark web....
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Mantis Botnet Powerful Botnet Malware DDoS Cybersecurity Cyberattack

Mantis botnet described as the most powerful botnet to date

A new botnet, dubbed Mantis, that security researchers spotted last June was said to have performed a record-breaking DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack against its targets, being described as one of the most powerful botnet variants. From the reports about the Mantis botnet, its attacks had topped at 26 million HTTPS requests per second, coming from...
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Japan Bandai Namco Hacked Data Breach Network Intrusion BlackCat Ransomware Malware

Japan’s Bandai Namco took action after finding a hack on their network

Bandai Namco, one of Japan’s game publishing giants, had recently disclosed a data breach against their internal networks that compromised critical data of their customers from different Asian regions, excluding Japan. As a well-known company that publish video games, Bandai Namco has developed and released several fan-loved games, including Dark Souls, Tekken, Elden Ring, PacMan,...
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India Gambling Gaming Databases For Sale Dark Web Marketplace Casino Dream11 MPL 3Patti Tambolabingo Fun88 Data Leak

Indian gambling databases up for sale on dark web marketplaces

A recent dark web investigation of iZOOlogic researchers revealed that several Indian gambling firms’ databases had been found for sale on cybercrime forums. Based on the information gathered by our researchers, a threat actor under the username “stash09” had posted the database leaks on underground marketplaces for interested clients to purchase. Cyberattacks in India have...
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