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Prynt Stealer InfoStealer Keylogger Malware Underground Market Dark Web Gaming

Prynt Stealer is the newest offered malware on the underground market

A new information-stealing malware, dubbed Prynt Stealer, had been spotted by researchers propagating infections among its targets which possesses distinct features, such as keylogger and clipper modules. This new info-stealer attacks web browsers, gaming, and messaging apps, while also capable of carrying out financial compromises. The Prynt Stealer is offered via time-based subscriptions, including $100...
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Play to earn Gaming Axie Infinity 625 Million Hacked Cryptocurrency NTF

Play-to-earn game Axie Infinity loses over $625 million to hackers

The cryptocurrency community was shaken upon hearing the news that the popular play-to-earn video game Axie Infinity was targeted by hackers who stole a whopping $625 million worth of crypto assets. This unfortunate event is marked as one of the major crypto heists in history. Based on the analysis, the hacking happened last March 23,...
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WPS Office Flaw Vulnerability Exploit Hackers Cyberattack Asia Betting Companies

WPS Office flaw exploited by hackers to attack Asian betting companies

Chinese hackers have recently targeted betting companies from the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong by exploiting a WPS Office flaw to inject the targeted systems with malware. The WPS Office is a cross-platform office suite established by a Chinese developer. It is also the first-word processor that supports the Chinese language, hence its popularity in...
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Ecommerce Websites Vulnerable Magecart Attacks Card Skimming Vendor Risk

Numerous e-commerce websites vulnerable to Magecart attacks

Recently, a barrage of attacks from the Magecart threat actors revealed multiple critical vulnerabilities in e-commerce sites and applications wherein the website’s defenses are discovered to be incompetent against Magecart attacks. Experts conducted research and found that about 30,000 vulnerabilities were found within existing websites being prone to Magecart attacks. Also, another 10,000 active sites...
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Java Logging Library Apache Log4j Vulnerability Exploit Bug

Java logging library Apache Log4j is found with easy-to-exploit vulnerability

New reports reveal a new zero-day vulnerability within the Java logging library Apache Log4j, tracked as CVE-2021-44228, that threat actors could find easy to exploit since it allows them to gain control over impacted servers. The discovered Java logging library vulnerability is classified as severe since it allows unauthorised remote code execution to be the...
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Threat Actors Discord Phishing Scams Fake Landing Page Social Engineering

Threat actors exploit the Discord platform to perform phishing scams

Security experts warn users within the gaming scene about a new Steam phishing scam being promoted on the Discord messaging platform that offers a free Nitro subscription if the user links their Steam account. The hackers use this tactic to steal game items from the victims’ accounts or promote other phishing scams.  Different threat actors and automated bots that use Discord accounts...
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UK House of Commons Email Threats Cyber Security Phishing Scam Malicious Emails Ransomware Vulnerability

The UK’s House of Commons gets exposed to cyber threats with a 358% upsurge rate for 2021

Security researchers have found out a 358% upsurge in the rate of malicious email threats being sent towards the inbox of the UK’s House of Commons in 2020. The Freedom of Information (FoI) data were acquired from the lower house of the UK’s parliament that revealed an increase in cyber threats over the previous years.  In 2018, HoC blocked over...
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BloodyStealer Malware Trojan Gaming gamers new cyber threat

BloodyStealer Malware – Gaming platforms and gamers’ new threat

A group of researchers has identified an advanced Trojan virus on the dark web forums called BloodyStealer. The function of this malware trojan si mainly for stealing gamer accounts and data in different gaming platforms like Epic Games Store, EA Origin, and Steam accounts.  The BloodyStealer moved by targeting gaming platforms, digging data for gaming accounts, and then stealing it...
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user financial data exposed API security vulnerability

Millions of user financial details were exposed due to an API security vulnerability

Researchers have recently revealed that millions of consumers had their personal and financial details exposed due to an API security vulnerability that has affected several applications. CloudSEK, a cybersecurity and machine intelligence firm, has stated that around 250 clients have used the Razorpay API to conduct financial transactions out of the 13,000 applications uploaded to their security...
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Data breach DailyQuiz 8.3 million plaintext passwords leak

Data breach of DailyQuiz comprises 8.3 million plaintext passwords

Cybercriminals are highly motivated in targeting database that contains a large amount of personal data. A company database is a gold mine that allows attackers to make a huge profit and is sometimes used for operative and personal data hostage. Hacker successfully stole a total of 8.3 million of DailyQuiz user accounts.   DailyQuiz is...
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