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Riot Games LOL League Of Legends Ransomware Hacked Source Code Threat Group Extortion Gaming

Riot Games refused to pay the $10M ransom demand from hackers

The unidentified threat group that allegedly hacked Riot Games last week claimed they stole the source code of a popular battle arena video game, League of Legends. Reports revealed that the group is asking for $10 million as ransom which the company declined to provide. The threat actors have also claimed that they robbed the...
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FanDuel Sports Online Betting MailChimp Hack Data Breach Gaming US

FanDuel sports betting site impacted by the MailChimp hack

A legal online sports betting platform, FanDuel Sportsbook, notified its customers that their sensitive information had been exposed to hackers after being impacted by the recent security incident on MailChimp. MailChimp is a widely utilised email marketing platform that revealed suffering from a data breach last January 13. The attack involved hackers stealing an employee’s...
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GTA Online Bug Hack Corrupt Player Accounts Exploit Cheat Developer Gaming

A GTA Online bug allowed hackers to corrupt player accounts

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online players were upset following a major bug exploited by a threat actor that resulted in them losing game progress and in-game money and being banned from joining game servers. According to reports, the bug was a “remote code execution” vulnerability exploited by a GTA V cheat developer, wherein the bad...
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Le Mans Virtual Esports Service Interruption Hacked Security Breach Virtual Race Betting Gaming

The Le Mans Virtual esports event was interrupted by a hack

An alleged security intrusion from a hacker caused a massive interruption to the Le Mans Virtual esports event earlier this week. The reigning champion, Max Verstappen, is participating in the global 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual esports competition, the most prestigious online game event in endurance racing. The champion of the interrupted tournament could...
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Hackers Fake Pokémon NFT Card Games Gaming Device Hijack Trojan

Hackers leverage fake Pokémon NFT card games to hijack devices

Hackers are pushing an authentic-looking Pokémon NFT card games website to spread the NetSupport remote access tool and hijack Windows devices. The website used by the threat actors is called pokemon-go[.]io and claims that it offers a new NFT card game based on the Pokémon franchise. Researchers explained that the popularity of NFTs and Pokémon...
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Sports Betting Gaming BetMGM Data Breach Fraud Prevention Data Leak US

Another sports betting entity, BetMGM, suffered a data breach

One of the most used sports betting entities, BetMGM, disclosed a data breach attack from threat actors. Based on reports, the breach has stolen troves of data owned by numerous customers. According to researchers, the stolen information by the attackers varies for each customer. These affected data include names, email addresses, contact information, and date...
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KmsdBot Malware Crypto Mining DDoS Cyberattacks Vulnerability Exploit Cryptocurrency

The new KmsdBot malware mines crypto and launch DDoS attacks

Experts shared their new findings regarding a highly evasive malware, dubbed KmsdBot, that leverages the Secure Shell (SSH) cryptographic network protocol to access targeted computers and mine the victims’ crypto assets, alongside deploying DDoS attacks. KmsdBot is malware written in the Go programming language, commonly seen targeting organisations ranging from the gaming sector to luxury...
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Russian Hackers Hacking Groups Roblox Amazon Steam Password Stealer Infostealer Malware Phishing Impersonation

50 million login info collected by the Russian hacking groups

The Russian hacking groups have abused the Telegram platform, which allowed them to gather a whopping 50 million login information from users on Roblox, Amazon, and Steam. According to researchers, there is an ongoing password-stealing operation that targets different organisations conducted by numerous Russian-based threat groups. Thirty-four confirmed groups currently use off-the-shelf information stealers to...
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AXLocker Ransomware Malware Discord Gaming Authentication Tokens Hijacking

New AXLocker ransomware steals Discord authentication tokens

The new AXLocker ransomware strain is stealing Discord accounts of infected users of their previous attacks. Reports revealed that the new ransomware strain had added the Discord-stealing capability to the previously encrypted victims of their past attacks. The threat actors exploited Discord’s authentication token feature on a user device. A user can use this token...
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RapperBot Cyberattack Campaign Game Servers Gaming DDoS Brute Force Attack Botnet

New RapperBot campaign strike game servers with DDoS attacks

The new cybercriminal activity that researchers called the RapperBot campaign uses a built botnet that could launch a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack against game servers. The researchers claimed that this newly uncovered botnet is likely an older campaign that emerged earlier this year but oddly disappeared in the last weeks of April 2022. RapperBot was...
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