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Play Ransomware Arnold Clark Car Dealership UK Data Leak Cybersecurity

Ransomware allegedly compromised Arnold Clark car dealer

One of the United Kingdom’s major car dealers, Arnold Clark, has allegedly lost sensitive personal data after the Play ransomware group’s suspected attack. The company admitted in a tweet earlier this month that they have protected customer data after they suspected suspicious activity on its network in December last year. However, the company did not...
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Riot Games Patches Hacking Incident League Of Legends

Riot Games delayed its patches due to a hacking incident

Riot Games announced that they would delay their game patches after its development infrastructure was compromised by a hacking incident last week. This video game developer and publisher company is the creator behind famous online games such as League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and Valorant. According to their social media...
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GoTo Data Breach Stolen Backups Cloud Storage Cybercrime Fraud Prevention Customer Info

A recent GoTo data breach allowed actors to steal backups

The GoTo remote access solutions and collaboration service provider revealed that a group of unidentified hackers conducted a data breach on their systems, stealing encrypted backups for some customers and an encryption key. Some stolen backups are related to the cybercriminal incident against the company in November last year. The company said the breach impacted...
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LCMHS Ransomware Cyberattack Hive

LCMHS suffered an alleged ransomware attack from Hive

The Lake Charles Memorial Health System (LCMHS) announced that a data breach incident affected about 270,000 individuals receiving healthcare at one of its medical centres. LCMHS is one of the biggest medical firms in Louisiana. The healthcare organisation has a 314-bed hospital, a 42-bed behavioural health hospital, a 54-bed women’s hospital, and a primary care...
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Sweden Europe Mörbylånga Borgholm Cyberattack Data Breach IT Disruption Cybersecurity

Two Swedish municipalities impacted by a cyberattack

Two Swedish municipalities called Mörbylånga and Borgholm have announced that they were affected by a cyberattack incident last week. A data breach has been confirmed by the joint IT system employed by the two municipalities. The total population of the two Swedish towns reaches more than 25,000 individuals. Fortunately, the security team from both districts...
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Chinese Hackers Infiltrated System Amnesty International Canada Data Breach

Chinese hackers infiltrated the Amnesty International Canada

Canadian Amnesty International has admitted that its security team detected a data breach attack a couple of months ago. According to their announcement, the entity that might have breached their network is a state-backed threat group in China. The international human rights non-governmental organisation stated that the first sighting of the malicious activity was from...
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Dark Web Threat Actors Marketplace Compromised Databases Sree Saran Medical Centre India

Dark web actors sold databases from Sree Saran Medical Centre

A threat actor is selling the patients’ medical records from a Tamil Nadu-based hospital, Sree Saran Medical Centre. The healthcare entity is a multispecialty hospital that accepts numerous patients in their region. Based on reports, a researcher claimed that a threat actor offers patient information from the Indian hospital on the dark web. Separate researchers...
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State University North Carolina US Ransomware Data Breach

A university in North Carolina gets struck with ransomware

The sensitive data of students, faculties, and staff of Guilford College in North Carolina have been compromised after ransomware actors hacked into the school’s servers. According to the school’s spokesperson, the cyberattack happened in October. Upon learning of the intrusion, authorities and security experts were notified immediately to aid with the cyberattack. The North Carolina...
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LockBit 3.0 Take Down Government Services Quebec Westmount Town

LockBit 3.0 takes down services in Quebec’s Westmount town

The LockBit 3.0 cybercriminal gang claimed the recent ransomware attack, which has taken down the services and email account of a small town in Canada. The ransomware actors have given the city at least a week to provide their asked ransom. The affected town is called Westmount, a small Quebec City home to more than...
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Roskomnadzor Russia Internet Regulator Security Breach

Russian internet regulator Roskomnadzor confirms breach

The Russian media and internet regulator Roskomnadzor said on November 19 that their systems were breached by hackers, who they believe were the work of the Belarusian cybercriminal gang ‘Cyber Partisans’. However, reports revealed that the hackers have not accessed sensitive information and that its workstations were not encrypted. A day before Roskomnadzor announced the...
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