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State University North Carolina US Ransomware Data Breach

A university in North Carolina gets struck with ransomware

The sensitive data of students, faculties, and staff of Guilford College in North Carolina have been compromised after ransomware actors hacked into the school’s servers. According to the school’s spokesperson, the cyberattack happened in October. Upon learning of the intrusion, authorities and security experts were notified immediately to aid with the cyberattack. The North Carolina...
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LockBit 3.0 Take Down Government Services Quebec Westmount Town

LockBit 3.0 takes down services in Quebec’s Westmount town

The LockBit 3.0 cybercriminal gang claimed the recent ransomware attack, which has taken down the services and email account of a small town in Canada. The ransomware actors have given the city at least a week to provide their asked ransom. The affected town is called Westmount, a small Quebec City home to more than...
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Roskomnadzor Russia Internet Regulator Security Breach

Russian internet regulator Roskomnadzor confirms breach

The Russian media and internet regulator Roskomnadzor said on November 19 that their systems were breached by hackers, who they believe were the work of the Belarusian cybercriminal gang ‘Cyber Partisans’. However, reports revealed that the hackers have not accessed sensitive information and that its workstations were not encrypted. A day before Roskomnadzor announced the...
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Whoosh Electric Scooter Service Sharing Mobility Mobile App Data Breach Russia Stolen Database

Whoosh, scooter-sharing service admits data breach incident

The Whoosh scooter-sharing service company in Russia has shared that they have suffered a data breach attack against their systems after the attackers started to sell the stolen data on a hacking forum. Based on reports, the hackers offer online a database that contains the information of more than seven million customers. Whoosh is one...
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Compromised Data GitHub Repositories Dropbox Breach Phishing Stolen Account

Compromised GitHub repositories led to a Dropbox breach

Dropbox revealed experiencing a security breach due to an attack involving threat actors stealing 130 code repositories from one of its employee’s GitHub accounts prompted by a phishing attack. The file-hosting firm’s security team detected the breach on October 14 when GitHub sent an alert one day after the initial attack. Based on Dropbox’s released...
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Low Income Housing Indiana US Ransomware Attack

Low-income housing in Indiana suffered a ransomware attack

The federal agency in the state of Indiana that gives low-income housing for the people faces a ransomware attack that compromised its ability to disseminate rent payments to landlords. Based on reports, the housing agency employees lost access to the email accounts during the campaign that started weeks ago. Marcia Lewis, an executive director for...
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Australia ACLP Australian Clinical Labs Hacked Data Breach Healthcare

Another Australian firm, ACL, reported being hit by a hacker

Australia reports another cyberattack incident following a security breach at the Australian Clinical Labs (ACL) that affected over 223,000 user accounts. According to the report, ACL’s Medlab Pathology business was breached by an unidentified entity that compromised its internal database. Additionally, the ACL breach compromised over 17,500 individual health and medical records, over 28,000 financial...
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Meta Pixel Data Breach AAH Healthcare US Javascript Tracker

A Meta Pixel misuse resulted in a data breach in AAH healthcare

The servers of the Advocate Aurora Health (AAH) non-profit healthcare system have been compromised in a data breach incident, with about 3 million patient data exposed to hackers. According to the researchers, the incident was caused by a JavaScript tracker misuse called Meta Pixel, a tool that patients use to log in and enter their...
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Millions Leaked Covid Antigen Results Exposed Data

Millions of leaked Covid antigen results exposed on the internet

An Elasticsearch server owned by an Indian healthcare software provider has an ongoing leakage of Covid antigen test results online. The uncovered test results belonged to the Indians and foreign nationals who visited or from India since 2020. The researchers noted that users executed these tests through a rapid antigen kit. The Indian Council approved...
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Hack Data Leak Russia Retail Store DNS

A hack caused the data leak of the Russian retail chain DNS

The Russia-based retail chain Digital Network System (DNS) admitted that it recently experienced a data breach incident that exposed the personal information of its employees and customers. DNS is one of Russia’s biggest computer and home appliance store chains that is the home of more than 30,000 workers. The store also has approximately 2,000 branches...
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