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Luxury Car Ferrari Cyberattack RansomEXX Hacker Gang Automotive Compromised Data

Luxury car firm Ferrari denied being attacked by the RansomEXX gang

RansomEXX ransomware group had recently added Ferrari, a luxury car manufacturer, to their list of victims. However, the car firm denied the threat group’s claim and said they had not been dealing with a grave cybersecurity event. According to the threat group, they hacked into the internal systems of Ferrari and had stolen 7GB worth...
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Lapsus$ Threat Group Uber Data Breach Compromised Accounts

The Lapsus$ group gets linked to the recent Uber breach

In an update on Uber’s recent data breach incident, the transport service firm has attributed the notorious Lapsus$ threat group to the attack against their systems and suspects an external contractor of not setting up adequate securities that allowed hackers to conduct an MFA fatigue attack. Based on a statement released by Uber, the accused...
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Russia START Streaming Platform Data Breach

The START streaming platform confirms a breach in its system

The Russian-based START streaming platform has admitted that they are affected by a data breach incident, impacting approximately seven million users. The admin of the platform revealed that the network infiltrators have stolen last year’s database from its systems and are now exposing pilfered samples on the internet. The database from 2021 included several essential...
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TikTok Data Breach Social Media WeChat AgainstTheWest Hacker Group Hacktivist Alibaba Cloud

The TikTok data breach issue gets refuted after an investigation

A development about TikTok being a data breach target has emerged after the social media giant denied the allegations in a recent report. According to their statement on the issue, the leaked data on underground forums, including source code and user information, were completely unrelated to their company. Furthermore, TikTok added that the recent claims...
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Student Loan Accounts Exposed Data Nelnet Servicing Data Breach

Student loan accounts exposed after a Nelnet Servicing breach

Millions of student loan accounts from the Oklahoma Student Loan Authority were exposed after a group of threat actors conducted a data breach attack against Nelnet Servicing. The technology services from Nelnet Servicing include a web portal the Oklahoma Student Loan Authority uses to provide online access to students taking out loan access to their...
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US Recovery Center BHG Data Breach Cybercrime Extortion Service Disruption Cyberattack

A US recovery center, BHG, notified patients about a data breach

Behavioral Health Group (BHG), an outpatient opioid treatment and recovery center in the US, has started informing nearly 200,000 patients that their information was stolen by threat actors more than eight months ago during a cybercriminal campaign. BHG admitted that the attacks happened in December last year, and the extortion from hackers was also seen...
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Canada Ontario Extortion LockBit Ransomware Threat Gang Data Encryption Service Disruption

Canada’s Ontario is allegedly extorted by the LockBit ransomware gang

The small Canadian town in Ontario has been struck by a LockBit ransomware campaign that resulted in data encryption and operational disruption. Based on the report, the central internal IT systems are inaccessible, but essential services such as water treatment and transportation are fully operational. The St. Mary town is the home of about 7,500...
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Mental Health Mobile App Feelyou Exposed Data 78K Users Data Breach

Mental health app Feelyou exposed 78K users’ data due to a breach

Recent reports disclosed details about a data breach incident in a renowned mental health application called Feelyou. The incident, as reported, had exposed about 78,000 users of the app to the public, causing security concerns. The researchers that discovered the security breach said that the issue was found during a reverse engineering procedure on various...
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Netgain Ransomware Healthcare Medical Sector 2020 Cyberattack

Netgain ransomware still strikes the healthcare sector since 2020

The Associated Eye Care Partners (AEC) in Montana has started releasing notices that threat actors might have impacted patients’ personal information during an old ransomware attack that targets Netgain. November, a couple of years ago, an IT services provider for several industries fell victim to a ransomware campaign that affected several organisations, especially in the...
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Quantum Ransomware Healthcare Medical Organizations Patient Data Breach Financial Information

Quantum ransomware impacted more than 600 healthcare firms

Recently, the cybercrime landscape has felt the presence of Quantum ransomware again after it compromised a particular group of organisations. A finance company reported the ransomware campaign last February, which resulted in a massive data intrusion. The data breach impacted approximately 650 health organisations and left thousands of persons prone to malicious attacks from other...
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