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Mallox Ransomware Stolen Data Navnit Group Luxury Cars Automobile Malware Breach

The Mallox ransomware stole 20GB of data from Navnit Group

In a recent finding of iZOOlogic’s threat monitoring team, we have found that a Mumbai-based company ‘Navnit Group’ had been nicked with about 20GB of data performed by the newly emerged ransomware group called Mallox. Navnit Group is an Indian company with offices mostly located in Mumbai. The company serves several networks of diverse businesses,...
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India Explosives Manufacturer Solar Industries ALPHV Hacker Gang BlackCat Data Breach System Disruption

Indian explosives firm Solar Industries struck by the ALPHV gang

Our threat monitoring team in iZOOlogic have recently spotted a newly added victim on the BlackCat, aka ALPHV ransomware, group’s list of victims. This time, the prolific ransomware gang had allegedly attacked the explosives manufacturing firm Solar Industries India, leaking over 2TB worth of secret military data owned by the company. Solar Industries India was...
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India HR Solutions Human Resources Database Leak PII System Misconfiguration Fraud Prevention

An Indian HR solutions firm got its database leaked online

An Indian HR services and recruitment solutions firm, Rocket (myrocket[.]co), has been found with an exposed publicly accessible database worth 260GB during a security researcher’s cyber monitoring. The discovery happened last year on December 12, of which the researchers noted that the exposed database could have affected over 200,000 staff and approximately nine million job...
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Time Technoplast LTD Hacked BlackCat Ransomware ALPHV Data Breach

Time Technoplast LTD hacked by BlackCat ransomware

A big-time polymer manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai, India, Time Technoplast LTD, is currently suffering an undisclosed hack that could affect its operations, employees, and customers – allegedly conducted by the ALPHV ransomware gang. Time Technoplast is a multinational company engaged in manufacturing polymers and composite products. The company’s primary products are polymer-based tools such...
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India Consultancy Teknowsource LockBit Ransomware iZOOlogic Dark Web Data Leak

An Indian consultancy firm becomes LockBit’s newest victim

The dark web monitoring team of iZOOlogic have recently spotted a data leak operation performed by the LockBit ransomware group following their release of critical files from an Indian consultancy firm, Teknowsource. Teknowsource is one of India’s management consultancy firms, intending to help organisations run their commercial operations. The firm’s services include staffing and payroll,...
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India Railways India Dark Web Hacker Stolen Database Data Theft Fraud Prevention

India Railways allegedly targeted by a dark web hacker

During a routine dark web monitoring, our researchers in iZOOlogic spotted a malicious user account claiming to have obtained approximately 34 million user records from the India Railways. Dubbed ‘shadowhacker,’ the hacker declared that this recent data theft was one of the biggest leaks in Indian history. The hacker ‘shadowhacker’ seemed to be selling the...
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India Foreign Ministry Data Leak Expats Passport Global Pravasi Rishta Security Policy Fraud Prevention

India’s foreign ministry leaks expats’ passport details

In breaking news about India’s security landscape, researchers reveal that the country’s foreign ministry ‘Global Pravasi Rishta’ suffered from a data leak involving the sensitive passport details of Indian expats. According to the researchers, the intelligence report has already been confirmed. The Indian foreign ministry platform ‘Global Pravasi Rishta’ connects over 30 million Indians outside...
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MoneyMonger Fraud Campaign Social Engineering Loan Scam India Mobile Apps

MoneyMonger campaign operates numerous illegal activities

Researchers discovered a new flutter-hidden app and variants that distribute malware under a cyberattack attack called the MoneyMonger campaign. The campaign operators use malicious lending applications to threaten and blackmail targeted victims into paying unreasonable amounts. The MoneyMonger campaign threat actors regularly update and develop their apps to bypass security detection. The group’s malicious applications...
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Hive Ransomware Hacker Gang Cyberattack Singapore Expand Group Construction

Hive gang claimed an attack on Singapore’s Expand Group

Our threat researchers in iZOOlogic have recently discovered an alleged cyberattack on a Singaporean construction company, Expand Group. This report was spotted during our research team’s routine dark web monitoring, which involved the prolific Hive ransomware gang adding the construction company to their list of victims. Expand Construction Pte Ltd, or the Expand Group, is...
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Cyber Security IT Firm CloudSEK India Cyberattack South Asia Compromised Account

Security firm CloudSEK reports getting hit with a cyberattack

On the 6th of December, security service provider CloudSEK published a detailed report of a cyberattack that had recently hit them. The security incident involved threat actors compromising a staff’s Jira SSO (single sign-on) to access the company’s Confluence pages. CloudSEK confirms that no internal, customer database or server access has been compromised. However, they...
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