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League of Legends LOL Riot Games Source Code Dark Web Auction Hackers Gaming

League of Legends source code gets auctioned by hackers

Threat actors that hacked Riot Games have started to auction the alleged stolen League of Legends source code and Packman anti-cheat software. This drama from one of the best gaming publishers continues as threat actors have started their malicious plans after Riot Games revealed that they would not pay the ransom. Recently, the gaming company...
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Kraken Blackmarket Hijacked Darknet Platform Hackers Dark Web

Kraken blackmarket hijacked a competitor’s darknet platform

A darknet marketplace called Solaris, which focuses on trading drugs and illegal products, has been hijacked by one of its inferior blackmarket competitors, Kraken. The attacker claimed that it breached Solaris’ network in January last year. Based on reports, the Solaris Tor site had been observed redirecting users to Kraken’s website. However, there is still...
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PureCoder Threat Group Malware Strains Dark Web Underground Market PureCrypt PureLogs

PureCoder offers multiple malware strains on the dark web

The PureCoder threat group is a newly identified entity that sells several malware strains on the dark web forums. Based on reports, the group offers cryptominers, info stealers, and crypters on underground markets. Researchers claimed several threat groups already use some of these malware variants for their attacks.   PureCoder promotes two of its most...
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Dark Web Drug Marketplace Android Apps Transactions

Dark web drug markets now use Android apps for transactions

Dark web drug markets have started to utilise custom Android applications for their transactions and increase privacy to evade the authorities. These apps could now enable sellers and buyers to communicate within the platform and add specific requests for orders. Researchers throughout the third quarter of last year have observed this new strategy from cybercriminals....
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Zombinder Platform Malware Android Apps Mobile Trojan Infected Applications

The Zombinder platform could bind malware to Android apps

An underground platform called Zombinder enables malicious actors to attach malware to legitimate Android applications. This ability could cause victims to infect themselves while not losing any functionality from their original app. This campaign impersonated the Wi-Fi authorisation portals that supposedly aid users to access internet points as a lure to deploy numerous malware strains....
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Corporate Users Email Accounts Sold Dark Web Marketplace Compromised Data

Corporate emails sold on automated dark web markets

Automated dark web markets are having a grand time selling stolen corporate email addresses. Based on reports, these offered emails could go for as low as two dollars since there is a growing demand from hackers who use them for BECs and phishing attacks. Israeli analysts reported that more than 200,000 email accounts are up...
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TOR Website Yanluowang Ransomware Hacked

The TOR site of Yanluowang ransomware got hacked

An unidentified entity hacked the Yanluowang ransomware group’s TOR site during the last weeks of last month. This ransomware group is notorious for deploying threat attacks against high-profile organisations like Walmart, SonicWall, and Cisco. However, a group of researchers discovered that Yanluowang’s TOR site was hacked during the exact moment when its Twitter handle dumped...
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Carousell Data Leak User Accounts Dark Web Hacking Forum Fraud Prevention Hacked

About 2.6M Carousell user accounts are sold on the dark web

Recent dark web exposes reveal that the popular online marketplace ‘Carousell’ has suffered from a hack that resulted in its database of user accounts being stolen and sold on underground forums. The hackers of Carousell’s database are selling it for $1,000.00, which allegedly holds 1.95 million user accounts and 2.6 million user information. The online...
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Dark Web Hacker Hacking Forum India Firms Government Underground Forum Stolen Data Vulnerability

A dark web hacker claimed to infiltrate numerous Indian firms

During our dark web researchers’ routine monitoring, we discovered that a threat actor who goes by the username “Agent_ignitors” announced that they were able to hack into the internal working systems of numerous Indian firms, although with no intention of harm against the affected firms. From the hacker’s post in an underground forum, they listed...
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Hydra Market Dark Web Underground Forum Phishing Database Fraud Prevention

Hydra Market issued an extensive list of active phishing database

Our dark web monitoring team in iZOOlogic has recently discovered that the popular cybercriminal underground marketplace, Hydra Market, has released an extensive database list of all known active phishing sites. Based on our team’s latest findings, the published list was categorised into three parts, including “Active Phishing List,” “Active Phishing List (NOW),” and “Active Phishing...
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