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myGov Email Scam Fraud Prevention Services Australian Financial Info Aussies Phishing

A new myGov scam threatens to steal financial data from Aussies

Researchers discovered a new phishing campaign called “myGov scam” that targets Australians and steals their financial information. The targets should be wary of this newly emerged cybercriminal scam offering hundreds of dollars from myGov refunds. One email sample tells a recipient that it has an outstanding refund from myGov, which appears legitimate since it came...
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Cyberattack Australia Fire Rescue Victoria FRV Network Disruption

A cyberattack struck Australia’s Fire Rescue Victoria

On December 16, an Australian fire and rescue service, Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV), disclosed a cyberattack that shut down its network and forced it to operate manually. The cyberattack caused a widespread outage to the fire and rescue service’s IT systems that affected its emails, phones, and emergency dispatch systems that aid them in automating...
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MAS Insurance New Zealand Compromised Data Cyberattack Third Party Risk Cybercrime

MAS insurance might have exposed their members’ data

MAS insurance, one of New Zealand’s biggest insurance companies, reported that a cyberattack might have potentially exposed the personal information of its members. According to the firm, one of their third-party suppliers of after-hours call-centre services for the company has notified them that breached systems occurred because of a cyberattack. As of now, the insurance...
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Vanuatu Government Crippled Ransomware Cyberattack

Vanuatu government crippled by a ransomware attack

The Vanuatu government, a small island country located south of the Pacific Ocean, was compromised by a ransomware attack last week. According to government employees, the attack has spread their emails across their government addresses. In addition, the ransomware campaign has temporarily shut down the entire Vanuatu government for more than ten days. The attack...
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Harcourts Real Estate Australia Cyberattack Data Breach Fraud Prevention Cybercrime

Harcourts real estate in Australia gets hit by a cyberattack

Harcourts, a real estate agency in Australia, reported having been hit with a cyberattack that exposed the sensitive data of tenants, landlords, and investors. The incident was spotted last October 24 after the firm detected an unknown third-party entity accessing its rental property database. Based on investigations, the Harcourts data breach transpired due to a...
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Stolen Data Medibank Client Information Cybercrime REvil Ransomware Australia

Stolen Medibank data threatened to be released by the attackers

The ransomware gang that allegedly acquired the stolen Medibank data called REvil has claimed responsibility for the attack against the Australian health insurance company. According to researchers, the attackers are the relaunch of the REvil ransomware group, which showed signs of affiliation with the BlogXX gang. Medibank insurance provider is one of the top Australian...
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Australia Massive Customer Data Leak Medibank Cyberattack Health Insurance Fraud Prevention

Massive customer data was lost in the recent Medibank cyberattack

A news development on the recent cyberattack against Australia’s health insurance firm Medibank revealed that the ransomware actors behind it had accessed all of its customers’ personal and medical data. The affected health insurance firm listed which data was compromised in the security breach incident, which includes all ahm health insurance firm’s customers’ personal and...
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Australia Wine Online Shop Vinomofo Data Breach Incident Response Ecommerce Compromised Data

Australian wine shop Vinomofo discloses data breach incident

Australia’s Vinomofo becomes the next company to be targeted by a cyberattack that compromised numerous customers’ information, including full names, birthdates, genders, addresses, and contact numbers. Vinomofo is an e-commerce shop that sells wine to its 500,000 customers in Australia. The online wine shop has not disclosed the number of people affected by the data...
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Customer Data MyDeal Australia Data Breach Incident Online Retail Ecommerce CRM

Millions of users affected by the MyDeal data breach incident

A data breach incident occurred in an Australian retail marketplace known as MyDeal. This subsidiary entity enables shoppers to connect with local retailers to create an online marketplace. Woolworth, a big-time retail company, bought most of MyDeal’s shares last September. Fortunately, the retail giant is safe from the attack since its systems were on a...
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Health Insurance Medibank Private Network Breach Cyberattack Australia Operation Disruption

Health insurance firm Medibank Private reports a breach incident

The most recent cyberattack incident in Australia has been reported with the health insurance company Medibank Private disclosing a potential hack on its network due to detected unusual activity. The report also explained that there was no proof of sensitive proprietary and customer data being accessed or stolen. According to the statement released by the...
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