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NCSC CEO Impersonation Threat Actors Phishing Scam Fraud Prevention Lindy Cameron

NCSC CEO gets impersonated by threat actors in phishing scams

The removal of unprecedented scams has been continuous to ensure the security of internet users from all forms of cybercrime. The NCSC’s (National Cyber Security Centre) report revealed that over 2.7 million scams, malicious domains, and phishing operations had been disrupted for 2021, which is four times greater than in 2020. NCSC disrupted a record...
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UK Retailer The Works Hackers Cyberattack

A popular UK retailer, The Works, got struck by hackers

One of the United Kingdom’s biggest high street retailers named The Works has temporarily shut down some of its branch stores after a cybersecurity incident had occurred in their systems. A group of hackers obtained unauthorised access to the retailer’s system based on reports. According to an announcement released by the affected retail firm, the...
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FBI Business Email Compromise BEC Online Fraud Scam 2021 Cryptocurrency Ransomware

The FBI revealed BEC as the largest source of fraud for 2021

Studies show that for 2021, BEC or business email compromise attack is the vector mainly utilized by threat actors to induce financial losses among firms worldwide, with a total of $2.4 billion. From the analysis conducted by the FBI, it was revealed that over $6.9 billion was lost from Americans in 2021 through various cyber-crimes...
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Wightlink Ferry United Kingdom Europe Cyberattack Hacked Cybercrime

Wightlink ferry company suffered a highly sophisticated cyber attack

A United Kingdom-based ferry company called Wightlink has been struck by a highly sophisticated cyberattack conducted by an unidentified threat actor. Researchers said that the cyberattack may have affected the personal data of a few customers and staff connected to Wightlink. The ferry operator released a statement saying that the cyberattack occurred in February. Wightlink...
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Monzo UK Bank Finance Phishing Attacks United Kingdom Banking Platform

Monzo, one of the UK’s biggest banks got targeted by phishing attacks

An ongoing phishing attack has targeted one of the biggest digital banking platforms in the UK, Monzo, wherein a compromised website network facilitated the phishing campaign on the targeted banking platform. Based on reports, the phishing campaign tried to steal the accounts of the bank’s platform users by initiating an SMS that impersonates a Monzo-generated...
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FBI Authorities Warning Global Surge Ransomware Campaigns Brute Forced RDP Spear Phishing Flaw Exploitation Extortion Cybersecurity

Authorities have warned about the global surge of ransomware campaigns

The FBI, NSA, and CISA from the US, Australia, and the UK have released a joint advisory regarding the increasing sophisticated ransomware campaigns worldwide. Many high-severity ransomware attacks have targeted critical infrastructure organisations in different nations last year, based on a report. The advisory noted that the attacks did not prioritise which part of the...
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RTF Template Injection Attack Technique APT Groups MITRE ATT&CK Microsoft Office

RTF Template Injection attack technique gets leveraged by APT groups

An attack technique, called the RTF Template Injection, is reportedly leveraged by state-sponsored threat groups, best known as advanced persistent threat (APT) groups from China, India, and Russia, making attacks harder to be detected and disrupted by authorities. Aside from the state-sponsored threat groups, experts also anticipate that financially-motivated threat groups will exploit the technique...
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Fake Office 365 Spam Alerts Phishing Attacks Credential Stealing Identity Theft

Fake Office 365 spam alerts used for phishing attacks to steal credentials

An unidentified group of malicious threat actors is using Office 365 spam alerts for phishing attacks that request targets to review their blocked messages so that they can steal their victims’ MS credentials. These fake Office 365 phishing emails can be deceiving to most users since it utilises an email address named “quarantine[@]messaging[.]microsoft[.]com” sent to...
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Threat Actors CronRAT Malware Ecommerce Online Store Cron Tool Magecart

Threat actors use CronRAT malware to target the E-commerce sector

Recently, a new highly sophisticated and stealthy remote access trojan (RAT) malware has been revealed within cyberspace. It can hide on servers peculiarly – by using a nonexistent execution date which is February 31st, inside the Linux calendar subsystem. The malware, dubbed CronRAT, is one of the latest trends within Linux server-focused Magecart malware and...
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Cybercriminals ETW Evade Security Detection Event Tracing for Windows Event Viewer

Cybercriminals are seen to disable ETW to evade security detection

Threat actors are discovered to be disabling the Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) tool in their attacks to blind cybersecurity products that rely on its logging mechanisms and sidestep being detected. The Event Tracing for Windows or ETW is a default tool in Windows machines developed to trace and log events of user-mode applications and...
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