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UK Planet Ice Customer Accounts Stolen Data System Breach Service Disruption Hacked

UK’s Planet Ice notified over 240K customers of a system breach

Over 240,000 customers of a UK-based ice rink, Planet Ice, have been affected by a hacking incident on its systems. Many of Planet Ice’s customers first noticed the issue when a server downtime message appeared on the ice rink firm’s official website. Planet Ice then sent a notification email to all affected customers upon learning...
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Yum! Brands Data Theft Ransomware Attack UK Europe KFC Taco Bell Pizza Hut Cybercrime

Yum! Brands lost troves of data from a ransomware attack

A fast-food brand operator, “Yum! Brands,” which directs well-known fast-food establishments, has been targeted by a ransomware attack. Some popular chains under this brand operator are KFC, Taco Bell, The Habit Burger Grill, and Pizza Hut. The ransomware forced the brand operator to close about 300 locations in the United Kingdom. Yum! Brands is the...
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UK Royal Mail Cyberattack Post Mail LockBit Ransomware Hacker Gang Operational Disruption

UK’s Royal Mail admits cyber incident affecting overseas post

Royal Mail, a UK-based multinational postal and courier service, has recently revealed suffering from a cyber incident that caused severe operational disruption, specifically to international transactions. Customers are asked to stop sending parcels and letters to overseas receivers temporarily. Due to the cyber incident, all the arrival of international transactions of parcels may be delayed,...
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South Staffordshire Water UK User Info Banking Data Leaked Ransomware

South Staffordshire Water users’ data might have been stolen

The ransomware attack on South Staffordshire Water last August may have exposed the banking information of its users. The latest investigation revealed that the cybercriminals behind the attack may have stolen all the banking details of the consumers of the water supplier. At the time of the attack disclosure, the water-supplying company assured everyone that...
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GoTo Solutions Hacked LastPass UK Europe Security Breach System Disruption Cyberattack

GoTo Solutions disclosed a hack, also affecting LastPass

GoTo, remote access solutions and collaboration services, revealed that a security breach had disrupted their operations after threat actors intruded on their development infrastructure and third-party cloud storage system. The tech firm sent email notifications to their customers to inform and warn them about an ongoing investigation related to the cyberattack. Moreover, GoTo Solutions stated...
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Automotive Pendragon UK LockBit Ransomware Hacker Gang Extortion Data Breach CarStore Evans Halshaw Stratstone

Automotive firm Pendragon reports being hit by the LockBit gang

UK’s automotive giant, Pendragon Group, reported a cyberattack from the LockBit ransomware gang, requesting $60 million in exchange for the decryption key and not leaking the firm’s data. The automotive firm has only shared limited details about the incident, but they assured their clients that their operations would remain normal. The Pendragon Group, one of...
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UK-based recruitment agency Morgan Hunt confirms data breach

Morgan Hunt, a recruitment agency in the UK, confirms suffering from a cyberattack that compromised their databases that contains clients’ personal information. In a statement, the agency said that an unauthorised entity had accessed one of its databases that could have copied them, which poses risks to the affected individuals. The UK-based recruitment agency provides...
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Crypto Scam Hacked Twitter YouTube Social Media Accounts UK Military Personnels Fraud Prevention

A crypto scam hacked the Twitter and YouTube accounts of UK militaries

A crypto scam campaign has managed to hack the Twitter and YouTube accounts owned by the members of the UK Army. Based on reports, the threat actors hacked the social media accounts to disseminate bogus crypto giveaway promos and phoney non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The hack was first noticed after a verified account of one of...
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State-Sponsored Evilnum Threat Group Eeemerged Malware Phishing UK

State-sponsored Evilnum threat group reemerged with better capabilities

The sophisticated advanced persistent threat (APT) group, Evilnum, has made its presence known again after gaining upgraded abilities. According to cybersecurity researchers, the threat group had better tricks, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), unlike its previous form back in 2018. The group now sports a more potent and upgraded arsenal for their campaign. The APT group...
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Australia Trading Firm ACY Securities Forex Broker Exposed Database User Data

Australian security trading firm, ACY Securities, had exposed users’ data

A Sydney-based trading company, ACY Securities, has accidentally exposed their users and businesses’ financial and personal data online for public usage. However, the company did not mind the issue and stated that the exposed dataset was a minor problem. The current database exposure owned by the ACY Securities is due to a misconfigured database. The...
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