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Antwerp Belgium Play Ransomware Group

Antwerp denies rumours of paying the Play ransomware group

The Play ransomware group’s data leak website has removed Antwerp as one of its victims. The report sparked numerous rumours regarding the Belgian city paying the actors to unlock the city’s data. Earlier this month, Antwerp confirmed it suffered a cyberattack two weeks before this article was written. The attack impacted the services of the...
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Pwn2Own Toronto 2022 Hacked Mobile Phone Samsung Galaxy S22 Vulnerability Exploits

Pwn2Own Toronto participants hacked the Samsung Galaxy S22

Contestants in the Pwn2Own Toronto 2022 hacking competition have hacked the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone several times in the first 24 hours of the tournament. The STAR Labs team was the first group that hacked Samsung’s premiere product. The group has abused a zero-day flaw in the S22, which is an improper input validation attack...
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Albany New York US School District Cyberattacks

Albany schools suffered repeated cyberattack attempts

Schools in Albany experienced numerous attempts of cyberattacks last week. The Albany City School District’s computer system was the main target for the attackers, but according to the academic institution, no data was stolen by the adversaries from the attacks. Unfortunately, the tech team from the schools was forced to cut the district’s internet connection...
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Asahi Group Holdings Hacked BlackByte Ransomware Stolen Data Extortion

Asahi Group Holdings hacked by the BlackByte ransomware

The BlackByte ransomware group has claimed that they hacked the Asahi Group Holdings, resulting in stolen data from the company. The affected entity is a precision meta-manufacturing and metal solution firm that has been operating for about 40 years. Asahi Group Holding has been providing end-to-end services in thin-film coatings and precision metals with a...
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Healthcare Data Breach Teenage Hacker Arrested

A healthcare breach concluded in the arrest of the teenage hacker

A male of 19-year-old was arrested in the western Netherlands after allegedly hacking a healthcare software vendor’ network and stealing a massive number of confidential data. Based on reports on the breach, the stolen documents contained sensitive medical data of patients of the country’s healthcare institutions. There is no evidence that the hackers have misused...
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Black Reward Hacktivist Hackers Stolen Email Iran Iranian Atomic Energy Organisation

The Black Reward hacktivist allegedly stole thousands of emails

The Black Reward hacktivist group claimed it had successfully stolen thousands of emails from an Iranian entity. Based on reports, the affected entity is the Iranian Atomic Energy Organisation, but the company has denied the attackers’ claims. According to Black Reward, they have stolen 324 inboxes that contained more than a hundred thousand messages, totalling...
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WIP19 APT Malware Strains System Breach

WIP19 APT uses multiple malware strains to breach its targets

A newly discovered advanced persistent threat group called WIP19 APT targets telecom companies and IT services providers with signed malware. Based on reports, the group has targeted organisations based in Asia and the Middle East. Moreover, this APT group has been utilising previously stolen certificates to sign malicious content for their attacks. WIP19 has used...
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LockerGoga Ransomware Free Decryptor Malware

LockerGoga ransomware victims are offered a free decryptor

LockerGoga ransomware victims have been given a free decryptor to retrieve their lost data without paying the threat group money. The Bitdefender cybersecurity team made the tool available for download on their servers, which will help LockerGoga victims decrypt their compromised files. Several law enforcement authorities have teamed up with Bitdefender to develop the free...
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Threat Actors GPS Jammers Hijacking Cyberattack Vulnerability

Threat actors found using GPS jammers to hijack targets

Numerous cases of hijacking incidents to trucks and other entities have been recorded lately by researchers. Based on reports, threat actors have begun using GPS jammers to execute their ploy against targeted entities. The ever-growing logistics and freight-carrying landscape that uses satellite navigation and GPS tracking capabilities have become an essential feature for most organisations....
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AIRDRY Backdoor Malicious App PuTTY SSH Terminal

AIRDRY backdoor distributed by a malicious app called PuTTY

An alleged threat actor from North Korea has been attributed to a recently used novel spear-phishing campaign that deploys the AIRDRY backdoor. Cybersecurity research revealed that the primary vector for this backdoor is trojanised versions of the PuTTY SSH and Telnet client. In addition to the vectors, the backdoor is disseminated through numerous fake job...
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