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AIRDRY Backdoor Malicious App PuTTY SSH Terminal

AIRDRY backdoor distributed by a malicious app called PuTTY

An alleged threat actor from North Korea has been attributed to a recently used novel spear-phishing campaign that deploys the AIRDRY backdoor. Cybersecurity research revealed that the primary vector for this backdoor is trojanised versions of the PuTTY SSH and Telnet client. In addition to the vectors, the backdoor is disseminated through numerous fake job...
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MiniStealer Payload Distributed Free InfoStealer Malware

The builder for the Mini Stealer payload gets distributed for free

A threat actor on a hacker forum is giving away the builder and panel for the Mini Stealer payload without monetary exchange from purchasers. Based on reports, the stealer can target various operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11. The internet-exposed ZIP files include two folders. The list of files included...
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EvilProxy Inexperienced Wannabe Hackers Newbie Dark Web

EvilProxy, the hope for inexperienced and wannabe hackers

A new reverse-proxy phishing-as-a-service entity dubbed EvilProxy has promised to steal authentication tokens to avoid multi-factor authentication on numerous platforms such as Google, Apple, PyPI, Facebook, Twitter, GoDaddy, and Microsoft. EvilProxy allows inexperienced threat actors who do not know how to set up reverse proxies to steal well-secured online accounts. Reverse proxies are servers between...
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Anonymous Hacktivist Hacker Group Hacked Russia Yandex Taxi Mobile App

The Anonymous hacktivist group hacked Russia’s Yandex Taxi app

The Anonymous hacktivist group has confirmed in a public hacking forum that they have completed an attack against a Russian transportation entity, the Yandex Taxi app, and caused major traffic jams in Russia. Russia has been the hacktivist group’s primary focus since they started the geopolitical war against Ukraine. Hence, Anonymous has bombarded Russia with...
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MagicWeb Tool Nobelium Malware Cyberattacks Cybercrime Backdoor

MagicWeb Tool, the newest Nobelium weapon for attacks

The Nobelium cybercriminal group has been seen utilising a new malware called MagicWeb Tool that enables them to authenticate as anyone in a targeted system. The Russian-speaking cybercriminal gang was spotted targeting entities in Asia, Europe, and the US with their new tool. According to Microsoft, the Nobelium group is utilising the MagicWeb kit, which...
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DarkTortilla Crypter Invasive Malware dotNet TTP Infostealer

The DarkTortilla crypter still develops as an invasive malware

A study was conducted on the highly pervasive and rapidly evolving malware crypter called DarkTortilla, revealing that since it went silent in 2015, it is still performing attacks on its victims using more upgraded TTPs. DarkTortilla is a crypter that spreads info-stealing payloads and remote access trojans. Some notable RATs that the crypter had propagated...
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RapperBot Malware Linux SSH Servers Brute Force Cyberattacks

RapperBot malware struck SSH Servers with brute-force attacks

The RapperBot botnet is being utilised by its operators to conduct brute-force attacks against its targets that started a couple of months ago. The campaign’s objective is to create an entry into the Linux SSH servers to acquire access to its devices. The newly discovered botnet was uncovered by researchers who spotted some uncommon SSH-related...
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Free-to-use Redeemer Ransomware Upgraded Dark Web Hacking Forum

Free-to-use Redeemer ransomware gets upgraded to a newer version

A newer version of the Redeemer ransomware was spotted being advertised on hacking forums, where its developers offer other unskilled hackers the free-to-use ransomware builder to aid them in propagating attacks. Written in C++, the ransomware’s second version works on all Windows OS and features a multi-threaded performance that could also evade security detection.  ...
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Outdated GPS Flaws Vulnerability Hackers Service Disruption Vehicles

Outdated GPS flaws could allow hackers to disrupt vehicles from afar

CISA published a new advisory regarding the outdated security flaws in MiCODUS MV720 Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers included in more than one and a half million vehicles. This bug could potentially result in a remote disruption of vehicle operation that could result in accidents. According to the researchers, successfully abusing these critical vulnerabilities could enable...
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Cryptojacking Cyberattack WatchDog Threat Group Steganography XMRig Cryptocurrency Hacking

The cryptojacking operations of WatchDog included steganography

The WatchDog threat group has been recently observed by researchers hijacking several cryptocurrency wallets, also adding steganography in its attacks. Based on reports, the malicious threat group’s cryptocurrency hijacking (cryptojacking) operation leverage the unique steganography strategy for malware propagation and other compromises. Additionally, the researchers noticed that the XMRig miner was spoofed as an image...
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