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LuoYu Chinese Hackers Espionage Campaign App Updates

The LuoYu hackers spread an espionage campaign through app updates

LuoYu, a China-based hacking group, deployed the WinDealer infostealer malware by swapping legit applications updates with compromised payloads to organise a cyberespionage campaign. Reports revealed that the group monitored its target’s network traffic for application update requests connected to well known Asian apps such as WeChat, WangWang, and QQ. The threat actors then replace the...
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Hackers Ransom Notes Ransomware Victims Dark Web Threat Group Industrial Spy SATT Sud-Est France

Hackers now post ransom notes publicly to urge victims to cooperate

Ransomware gangs may have been upgrading their extortion tactics after starting to hack corporate websites to post their ransom notes for the public to see, adding more pressure for their victims to pay up. Industrial Spy, a ransomware threat group, was the first that has been identified using this new extortion tactic. Initially, the threat...
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Digital Driving Licenses Australia Digital Risks Users Security NSW DDL

The digital driving licenses in Australia pose risks to users’ security

In 2019, New South Wales in Australia launched a digital driver’s license (DDL) program to replace the physical driving licenses of drivers from the state. The officials who implemented the project claimed that the DDL is more secure, but security experts say otherwise. As of 2021, over half of the state’s population has used the...
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Anonymous Hacktivists Belarus Russians Ukraine Hacking

The Anonymous hacktivists hit Belarus after siding with the Russians

An Anonymous affiliated hacking group claimed that they had completed an attack against the Belarusian government websites. The group commenced the attack after the latter announced their support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The hacktivist group announced on Twitter that various websites linked to the Belarus state are shut down because of them. They shared...
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US College Networks Academia Stolen Credentials Cybercriminals

US college networks offered stolen credentials by cybercriminals

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) published an advisory about cybercriminals that offer access credentials for higher academic institutions based in the US. The actors sell these credentials for thousands of dollars and are all available on hacking forums and dark web marketplaces. The critical data offered by the actors contained virtual private networks (VPNs)...
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Smart Farm Machinery Cyberattacks Drones Robotic Harvesters Automatic Sprayers Agricultural

Smart Farm machinery becomes a new target for cyberattacks

A new threat analysis published last week warns that modern smart farm machinery is prone to the exploits of malicious threat actors. This analysis affects the global supply chain as these machines are exposed to risks. The analysis warns everyone that hackers could take advantage of the flaws in agricultural hardware utilised by farmers to...
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Anonymous Hacktivist Hacker Group Killnet Threat Gang Russian Hackers

The Anonymous hacktivist group declares war against the Killnet gang

The Anonymous gang has revealed a cyberwar declaration against the Killnet hacker group. According to the hacktivist, they are targeting this pro-Russian malicious threat group after recently attacking numerous institutions in Europe. The assertion of cyberwar came after the hacktivist group expressed their opposition to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. After Anonymous leaked more than...
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District Schools Ohio US Cyberattack Cl0p Gang

District schools in Ohio impacted by a cyberattack caused by Cl0p gang

The Fort Summer Municipal Schools in New Mexico in Ohio are currently experiencing cyberattacks from threat actors. Based on reports, the leak site of the notorious Cl0p ransomware group showed critical information about the school’s faculty members, students, and guardians. The leak displayed countless identifications, especially driver’s licenses. According to the school’s spokesperson, they are...
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Russia Largest Bank Sberbank Cyberattacks Ukraine DDoS

Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, suffers from record-breaking cyberattacks

Sberbank, one of Russia’s largest financial institutions, had been hit by waves of cyberattacks, including a massive strike of DDoS or distributed denial-of-service attack, recorded as the largest one in its history. From the statement of the bank’s director, he mentioned that hackers had been attacking Sberbank in the past months. Being the largest financial...
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Bank of Zambia Ransom Request Hive Ransomware Hacking Group Zambia

Bank of Zambia refused to pay the ransom request of the Hive group

The Bank of Zambia made it clear that they would not provide any ransom despite the threats posed by the Hive operation. After suffering a ransomware attack courtesy of the earlier-mentioned group, the bank said they were not concerned; instead, they responded to the attack by sending an explicit photograph to the threat actors. The...
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