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Conti Ransomware Gang Threat Group Rebirth AvosLocker BlackCat Hive HelloKitty

Conti ransomware has shut down to introduce their upcoming rebirth

The cybercrime landscape was surprised by the breaking news that the Conti ransomware group, one of the most notorious gangs, has decided to shut down operations. The group’s internal infrastructure has been taken offline, according to researchers. Many of the threat group’s internal services, such as Tor admin panels and rocket chat servers, are also...
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UNC3524 Cybersecurity Experts Advanced Obfuscation Tactics

UNC3524 intrigues experts with their advanced obfuscation tactics

A hacking group dubbed UNC3524 is found using thorough strategies in attacking corporate networks to intrude and steal data. According to experts, the threat group remained hidden from its victims for over 18 months while collecting information associated with mergers, acquisitions, and financial transactions. UNC3524 was first detected in December 2019. They utilised a wide...
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Nokoyawa Ransomware Malware Threat Group TTP Cyber Threat

The latest information about Nokoyawa ransomware gets uncovered

Researchers claimed that the Nokoyawa ransomware showed similarities with the Hive group after noticing resemblances in their tricks, tactics, and procedures (TTPs). However, the researchers have taken a step back and reevaluated some things after separate researchers shared new details and discoveries on the Nokoyawa ransomware.   The Nokoyawa showed signs of being Hive related,...
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Russian Cybercriminals Money Laundering Solutions Scammers Hackers

Russian criminals are forced to seek other money laundering solutions

The sanctions imposed on Russia have forced the cybercrime community in the country to look for alternative options in laundering their illegally-gained money, especially since authorities have also shut down many dark web marketplaces. The Russian threat operators have sought workable solutions to withdraw their profit despite the limited options due to the ongoing Russian-Ukraine...
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SolarMarker Malware Improved Evasion Tactic

The SolarMarker malware showed signs of an improved evasion tactic

Researchers have provided a thorough discussion regarding the newly upgraded strain of the SolarMarker malware. Based on reports, the malware operators of the SolarMarker have now included improvements, along with an upgraded defence evasion mechanism to remain undetected and bypass security solutions. The operators of this new malware variant use stealthy Windows Registry tactics to...
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Lazarus APT South Korea Chemical Sector Cyberespionage Operation Dream Job APT

The Lazarus APT targeted South Korea’s chemical sector

The North Korean-sponsored advanced persistent threat (APT) group called Lazarus targets organisations that operate in South Korea’s chemical sector. This current espionage campaign appears to be the sequel of the Operation Dream Job conducted by the same APT group discovered by researchers in August last year. At the beginning of the year, a research team...
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HOMAGE Vulnerability Exploit iOS Catalan Pegasus Spyware

HOMAGE exploit discovered targeting iOS users from Catalan

Catalan-based journalists, politicians, and activists are the newest targets of a zero-click exploit on iPhone’s iMessage app utilised to install spyware under the NSO Group. As dubbed by experts, HOMAGE is a zero-click vulnerability that impacts iOS version 13.2. The HOMAGE exploit is abused by threat operators to target people with the Pegasus spyware, alongside...
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Experts Decryptor Yanluowang Ransomware Malware Hacking

Experts issued a decryptor for the victims of the Yanluowang ransomware

A vulnerability is found in the Yanluowang ransomware’s encryption algorithm that security experts see as a prospect to recover all encrypted files impacted by it. The experts who discovered that vulnerability in the ransomware group’s encryption algorithm added support for users who got their files locked. Upon analysing the ransomware, experts found a flaw and...
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Hackers Industrial Spy Dark Web Marketplace Stolen Data Breach

Hackers introduced the Industrial Spy as a new marketplace for stolen data

A cybercriminal group developed and endorsed a new marketplace for stolen data called Industrial Spy. Reports said that the recent market offers stolen information and credentials from hacked companies to buyers and offers the goods to its members without a fee. The threat actors developed the new marketplace so businesses could buy their competitor’s data...
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Conti Gang Cyberattacks Wind Turbine Nordex Campaign

Conti gang attacks the wind turbine giant Nordex in their latest campaign

A European wind turbine giant, Nordex, has recently suffered from a ransomware attack claimed by the notorious gang Conti. The attack had caused the firm to shut down its IT systems and remote access to its managed wind turbines. The attack transpired on April 2, 2022, when the wind turbine manufacturing firm immediately detected the...
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