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Vice Media US Data Breach Fraud Prevention Digital Media Broadcasting

Vice Media concludes data breach investigations from 2022

Numerous sensitive data owned by more than 1,700 individuals have been compromised due to a security incident that struck the American-Canadian digital media and broadcasting firm Vice Media. Reports revealed that the attack began last year in March, with the investigations only to have been concluded this year. The initial findings from a cybersecurity team...
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Data Breach Operation Disruption Indianapolis Housing Agency US Cyberattack Hacked

A breach in Indianapolis Housing Agency struck over 200K people

Over 200,000 individuals have been affected by a data breach incident that hit the Indianapolis Housing Agency in the US. According to reports, numerous critical information was included in the leak, such as people’s full names and Social Security numbers. The notification letters sent to the affected people explained that the attack was detected last...
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Dark Web Marketplace Hacker Duo Lingo Database Leak Online Learning Exposed API

A hacker sells a DuoLingo database containing 2.6M entries

A recent post in a dark web forum is currently being investigated, involving DuoLingo, a language learning platform, after its customer accounts database was allegedly being sold by hackers online. The posted database is comprised of 2.6 million DuoLingo customer account entries. The starting price for the offered database was $1,500, but it is still...
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NextGen Healthcare US Ransomware Cyberattack ALPHV BlackCat Threat Group

NextGen Healthcare confirmed a ransomware attack from ALPHV

The notorious BlackCat ransomware, also known as ALPHV, recently added a US-based healthcare technology company ‘NextGen Healthcare’ to its list of victims. The company confirmed this by notifying the public in a statement. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, NextGen develops software that caters to its clients in the healthcare industry. The firm promises an all-in-one solution...
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Email Marketing MailChimp Security Breach Hacked Social Engineering Fraud Prevention

Email marketing firm MailChimp reveals new security breach issue

The internal customer support and account admin tool of one of the most utilised email marketing platforms, MailChimp, has reportedly faced a data breach attack from unknown hackers. This recent incident caused the theft of MailChimp’s internal database containing information owned by 133 customers. According to the email marketing firm’s statement, a social engineering tactic...
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Credential Stuffing Cyberattack NortonLifeLock Client Info Data Leak Dark Web Norton Password Manager

A credential-stuffing attack put NortonLifeLock clients at risk

The customers of Norton Password Manager were put at risk after a group of unknown hackers successfully conducted credential-stuffing attacks that compromised the password manager’s user accounts. This report emerged after Gen Digital (previously Symantec Corporation and NortonLifeLock) emailed its customers to inform them about the data breach incident. The security company stated in the...
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CircleCI Hack Session Hijacking Cyberattack Infostealer Malware Session Cookies

The CircleCI hack is another case of a session hijacking attack

News about CircleCI being a target of a cybersecurity hack surfaced in the first week of January, warning customers to rotate their secrets and review internal system logs for suspicious activities. CircleCI said it was detected after a customer reported unauthorised system access in their GitHub OAuth token. After the initial investigation, the software company...
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Chick-fil-A US Security Breach Dark Web Threat Actors Hacked Food Chain Customer Data

Chick-fil-A customers are warned about a security breach

Chick-fil-A, a popular fast-food chain in the US, is said to have been investigating a suspicious activity they detected in some customers’ user accounts. The announcement was posted last January 5 on the restaurant’s official website and social media platforms. Security researchers have contacted Chick-fil-A before the holidays to report to them about dark web...
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CircleCI Security Breach Customer Data Unauthorized Access Software Development SaaS

A CircleCI security incident urged customers to rotate secrets

The customers of the software development service, CircleCI, recently received an email alert from the company about a security incident that warned them to rotate any and all their secrets. A detailed update has yet to be released, but CircleCI assured its customers that an investigation is in progress. Some preventive measures are advised for...
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Password Manager LastPass User Data Hackers Compromised Data Customer Info

Password manager LastPass admitted losing user data to hackers

Last week, the LastPass password manager disclosed that threat actors stole their customer vault data after compromising its cloud storage during the August incident. This revelation is a follow-up update to a previous announcement issued by the company’s CEO, stating that the threat actors have only gained access to a particular type of elements in...
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