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GootLoader Malware Propagation SEO Poisoning Cyberattack TAC-011 Threat Group

GootLoader malware propagates via new SEO poisoning attack

The GootLoader malware has been spread through a recent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) poisoning campaign targeting government and private sector employees. In this campaign, the primary targets are employees who search for keywords related to their jobs. Once they click these links, they would be redirected by it to a malicious JavaScript malware downloader. The...
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Threat Warning Royal Ransomware Malware Callback Phishing Extortion

Firms are warned about the emergence of the Royal ransomware

A new ransomware operation dubbed “Royal” has recently emerged in the threat landscape, consisting of a group of expert ransomware operators. This new campaign targets large corporations and extorts them with about $250,000 to over $2 million worth of ransom demands. Launched in January 2022, the new Royal ransomware operates differently from the usual Ransomware-as-a-Service...
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Magento 2 Critical Flaw Exploit Cyberattack Vulnerability E-Commerce Website Protection

Magento 2 critical flaw exploited in new cyberattack waves

Recently, a new surge of cyberattacks involving the exploitation of the critical Magento 2 vulnerability, CVE-2022-24086, has been observed, allowing threat actors to launch malicious codes on unpatched infrastructures. Since Magento is one of the top most used open-source e-commerce platforms worldwide, threat actors are enticed to exploit vulnerabilities found in it to steal funds...
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Ambulance Service Provider Empress EMS Ransomware Attack

Ambulance service provider Empress EMS gets hit by ransomware

New York’s ambulance service provider, Empress EMS, has revealed that they experienced a ransomware attack last July that could have exposed its customer information online. According to reports, the ransomware operators acquired initial access to the ambulance service provider in May this year. A couple of months later, the attackers stole small file samples from...
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Hive Ransomware Threat Group Cyberattack US New York Racing Association NYRA Horse Racing

Hive ransomware claimed attacking New York Racing Association

The New York Racing Association suffered a cyberattack last June, and the Hive ransomware group claimed to be the perpetrator. The ransomware attack has affected the racing association’s website availability and IT operations. Moreover, the experts claimed that the most impactful part of the attack was that it compromised the data of every member of...
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Hackers Compromised System Uber Hacked Data Breach Slack Vulnerability Exploit

Hackers compromised Uber’s systems in a recent breach

People were alarmed by the latest news that Uber, a popular transport service, was struck by a data breach after unknown hackers accessed their critical computer systems, including their Windows domain and security servers. According to reports, as also seen by our researchers in iZOOlogic, the unknown hackers have accessed the firm’s internal computer systems,...
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Ransomware Attack US Los Angeles Unified School District Education

A ransomware attack strikes the Los Angeles Unified School District

One of the United States’ biggest school districts, Los Angeles Unified, revealed that a ransomware attack struck its information technology systems last week. LAUSD is the second home for over 600 thousand students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Moreover, the school district also accommodates Los Angeles’s smaller municipalities and several Los Angeles County unincorporated sectors....
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Customised Software Panel Evil Corp Malware Backdoor TeslaGun Online Banking US

Customised software panel used by Evil Corp to launch a backdoor

Cybersecurity researchers have noticed that Evil Corp uses their custom-made software panel, TeslaGun, to establish a backdoor dubbed ServHelper. This financially motivated threat group, also known as TA505, is notorious for altering its malware for every attack. These attackers constantly modify their strategies and adopt new technologies to keep their campaigns fresh and avoid threat...
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Mitel Phone System VOIP Brand Abuse Ransomware MiVoice Lorenz Threat Gang

Mitel phone systems were abused in recent ransomware findings

The Lorenz ransomware group exploited the previously discovered bug in Mitel MiVoice VOIP appliances, CVE-2022-29499, in their recent cyberattack campaigns to hack into corporate networks through flawed phone systems. During a study about ransomware attacks that abuse the critical Mitel MiVoice VOIP appliances bug, cybersecurity experts attributed some discovered TTPs to the Lorenz gang. The...
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IT Firms Information Technology US Snake Keylogger Cyberattack Malware InfoStealer Phishing

IT firms in the US were targeted by the Snake Keylogger campaign

The reemerging Snake Keylogger malware spam campaign has been spotted by researchers attacking several IT companies in the US, with the most recent activity from its operators recorded last month. IT firms are advised to look for the possible angles of attack since these threat actors heavily target the IT industry. Many believe these attacks...
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