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Misconfigured Database Cloud Services Animaker US DataLeak Digital Risk Protection

A misconfigured Animaker database has leaked users’ data

Researchers uncovered a new data exposure incident involving the DIY video animation platform, Animaker, exposing more than 700,000 user data online. According to the findings, the incident stemmed from a misconfigured database. It also affected another platform called, a video marketing software owned by Animaker. The exposed database continues to expand as days pass,...
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Dish Network US Operation Disruption System Shutdown Cyberattack Ransomware Television

Dish Network temporarily shuts down after an alleged cyberattack

One of the US’ biggest television companies, Dish Network, has suddenly shut down its websites and applications for more than 24 hours. Based on the report, the unannounced shutdown impacted Dish[.]com, Dish Anywhere app, and several websites and networks under the supervision of the corporation. Numerous customers also reported that the company’s call centre phone...
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Data Centres Worldwide Threat Warning Cyberattack Campaign Dark Web Stolen Data

Data centres worldwide are warned of a targeted cyber campaign

A surge of cyberattacks against cloud service providers (CSP) and managed services providers (MSP) have recently been documented in the wild. Reports say that the attacks on data centres were orchestrated by attackers attempting to abuse flaws to access systems and data owned by government agencies and corporations worldwide. Analysts regard data centres as a...
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Dole plc Ransomware Cyberattack Cybersecurity Data Breach Operation Disruption

Dole plc confirmed being a target of a ransomware attack

In a recent report, the food distributor giant, Dole plc, confirmed that a ransomware attack had hit its network, disrupting daily operations. The company’s statement last February 22 shared limited information about the incident. Still, they assured customers and partners that they are now investigating its scope and highlighting that the impact of it has...
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Reddit Cyberattack Incident Exposed Data Unauthorized Access Phishing System Infiltration Social Media

Reddit disclosed an attack incident that exposed its source code

The popular discussion and social news platform Reddit disclosed that threat actors had gained unauthorised access to its source code repository and some contact details for hundreds of its current and past employees. The US-based social platform has approximately 52 million users worldwide, employing around 700 staff in all its offices. Reddit is a common...
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GoDaddy Security Breach Web Hosting Web Servers Malware Managed WordPress

GoDaddy discovered a multi-year security breach in its servers

GoDaddy, a leading web hosting platform, disclosed experiencing a security breach from unidentified threat actors that stole its source code and injected malware into its servers. The web hosting platform said that the attackers breached its cPanel shared hosting environment, which led to the incident. Furthermore, this breach was found to have been happening for...
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US Food Delivery Weee SayWeee Data Breach Customer Info Hacked Fraud Prevention

US food delivery company “Weee!” confirms data breach incident

A food delivery company, Weee!, have reportedly been targeted by a cybercriminal group that exposed the data of over a million of its consumers across the US. The company caters to its customers, primarily within North America, which offers mostly Asian and Hispanic food items in all of its US branches. Under the username ‘IntelBroker,’...
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Security Firm Atlassian Cybersecurity Third Party Risk Data Breach Dark Web

Security firm Atlassian disclosed suffering from a data breach

Australian security and software company, Atlassian, disclosed that they recently suffered a data breach incident caused by a third-party vendor. A hacking group proved this security incident after posting in a cybercriminal forum that they were leaking thousands of data owned by the company. As seen from the post of the threat group, which goes...
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Play Ransomware Network Infiltration California US A10 Networks Extortion Data Breach

Play ransomware infiltrated California’s A10 Networks

The hardware manufacturer, A10 Networks, in California has disclosed that the Play ransomware group has temporarily accessed its Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and compromised troves of data. A10 Networks is a manufacturing company specialising in developing software and hardware application delivery controllers (ADC), bandwidth management appliances, and identity management solutions. Additionally, this compromised company also...
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AmerisourceBergen Security Breach Lorenz Ransomware Hacker Group Dark Web Network Intrusion

AmerisourceBergen admitted that it suffered a security breach

Drug distributor AmerisourceBergen confirmed that a group of malicious actors had infiltrated one of its subsidiaries’ IT systems, exposing critical information. This affected company is a medical business consultant, patient service provider, and pharmaceutical product distributor. In addition, it is also one of the world’s biggest healthcare industries, which is home to more than 40,000...
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