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New Lilith Ransomware Double Extortion Cyberattacks Dark Web

The new Lilith ransomware victimises via double extortion attacks

Dark web investigators recently identified a new ransomware operation called Lilith after its operators posted their first victim on their leak site for double extortion campaigns. The new Lilith ransomware is designed for the 64-bit Windows version and is a C/C++ console-based payload. According to the initial studies on the new ransomware, its operators conduct...
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Threat Gangs Search Victims Stolen Data Dark Web Repository Hackers

Threat gangs feature a search option for victims’ stolen data

A new strategy implemented by ransomware groups could force their victims into paying the ransom demands and not leak their stolen data. From the reports about these latest findings, the threat groups have added a search feature on their dark web leak site that allows anyone to find the group’s victims or specific details related...
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XFiles Infostealer Follina Vulnerability Infect Malware Targets

XFiles infostealer used the Follina vulnerability to infect targets

The infostealer malware dubbed XFiles has made its rounds of cybercriminal activities after researchers noticed that it had exploited the Follina critical flaw. Based on reports, the vulnerability (CVE-2022-30190) was abused by the malware operators to infect targeted devices with malicious payloads. A cybersecurity solutions vendor has spotted the new infostealer malware that used Follina...
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Creating Compromised Shortcuts Quantum Builder Malware Windows

Creating compromised shortcuts made possible by the Quantum Builder

Researchers discovered a Quantum Builder malware kit that could enable threat actors to develop malicious shortcuts or [.]LNK files. The hostile tool is sold by its developers on underground markets and cybercriminal forums. The tool is available for lease at different prices. For a whole month of access, users will be charged about $200. The...
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Dark Web Billions Compromised Data User Credentials Fraud Prevention Marketplace

The dark web is seen loaded with billions of breached user credentials

New studies show that the dark web is still filled with compromised victims’ data, reaching over 24 billion worth of usernames and passwords. These findings demonstrate a 65% uptick within two years, mostly due to users creating account passwords that hackers could easily crack. For instance, one in every 200 compromised passwords comprises the number...
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Authorities Dismantled SSNDOB Marketplace Malicious Operations Dark Web

Authorities dismantled the SSNDOB marketplace malicious operations

For this year, several dark web domains that trade data from cybercriminal activities have been seized and shut down by the US law enforcement agencies. Last June 7, a new announcement of malicious site seizure was published, which involved the SSNDOB marketplace – a dark web marketplace selling over 24 million stolen social security numbers....
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AlphaBay Russia Allied Countries Darknet Marketplace Operations

AlphaBay barred Russia and its allied countries from their operations

Allegedly irrelevant to the ongoing Russian-Ukraine war, the notorious darknet marketplace AlphaBay says they are excluding Russian countries from their malicious trading operations. Based on reports, the marketplace would rule out Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia, including all Kyrgyzstan-related activities. An AlphaBay member, who goes by the alias DeSnake, clarified that their decision to exclude...
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Dark Web Portals Seized FBI Operation Policy Enforcement

Three dark web portals were seized from a new FBI operation

Last April, the notorious stolen database marketplace RaidForums was seized by the US authorities, alongside the arrest of its founder Diogo Santos Coelho. And just recently, three more malicious dark web portals were announced to have been seized by the FBI and the DOJ, including IPStress, WeLeakInfo, and OVH-Booter. These three cybercrime domains are reported...
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Hackers Ransom Notes Ransomware Victims Dark Web Threat Group Industrial Spy SATT Sud-Est France

Hackers now post ransom notes publicly to urge victims to cooperate

Ransomware gangs may have been upgrading their extortion tactics after starting to hack corporate websites to post their ransom notes for the public to see, adding more pressure for their victims to pay up. Industrial Spy, a ransomware threat group, was the first that has been identified using this new extortion tactic. Initially, the threat...
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US College Networks Academia Stolen Credentials Cybercriminals

US college networks offered stolen credentials by cybercriminals

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) published an advisory about cybercriminals that offer access credentials for higher academic institutions based in the US. The actors sell these credentials for thousands of dollars and are all available on hacking forums and dark web marketplaces. The critical data offered by the actors contained virtual private networks (VPNs)...
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