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Industrial Spy Data Extortion Marketplace Ransomware Stolen Data Compromised Data

Industrial Spy: A data extortion marketplace turned ransomware

The recently introduced data extortion marketplace called Industrial Spy has turned its illegal store into a full-blown ransomware operation. Researchers discovered last month that Industrial Spy was offering stolen data and sharing information with its members for free. However, the latest data extortion campaign of the group revealed that it commenced its ransomware operation. Moreover,...
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Versus Market Operation Leaked Security Flaw Dark Web Black Market

Versus Market suspends operation due to a leaked security flaw

Recent reports revealed that a well-known dark web marketplace, Versus Market, had shut down its operations after a hacker and its operators found a critical flaw. The discovered critical flaw could have exposed the marketplace’s server IP addresses and allowed unauthorised access to their internal database. Cybercriminals and darknet vendors are keen on protecting their...
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Security Analysts DuckDuckGo Microsoft User Tracking Dark Web Search Engine

Analysts discovered DuckDuckGo allowing Microsoft to track users

The popular search engine DuckDuckGo, which has claimed maximum browsing privacy for its users, reportedly allows Microsoft trackers on third-party websites. This report is discovered from an agreement between the two tech firms about their syndicated search content contract. DuckDuckGo had long assured its users of a private browsing experience, including not allowing trackers to...
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RansomHouse Threat Group Data Leak Breach Stolen Data Darknet

RansomHouse group establishes new data leak site for breach victims

A new darknet leak site has recently emerged on the cybercrime scene run by the group dubbed RansomHouse. The site’s operators use it to leak massive stolen data from data breach victims who failed to pay monetary requests to threat actors. Moreover, the new campaign is said not to operate through ransomware but through breach...
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US DoJ Arrested Cardiologist Ransomware Malware Strains

US DoJ arrested a cardiologist for creating two harmful ransomware strains

A French-Venezuelan cybercriminal named Moises Luis Zagala Gonzalez had been detained for forming two ransomware strains dubbed Thanos and Jigsaw version 2. The US DoJ disclosed the report about Zagala, a cardiologist, who successfully conducted hackings alongside ransomware development to be sold to other cybercriminals. The law enforcement agency also added that Zagala’s crimes are...
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UNC3524 Cybersecurity Experts Advanced Obfuscation Tactics

UNC3524 intrigues experts with their advanced obfuscation tactics

A hacking group dubbed UNC3524 is found using thorough strategies in attacking corporate networks to intrude and steal data. According to experts, the threat group remained hidden from its victims for over 18 months while collecting information associated with mergers, acquisitions, and financial transactions. UNC3524 was first detected in December 2019. They utilised a wide...
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Lapsus$ Threat Group Dark Web Data Breach Cyberattack

Lapsus$ continues to ravage its targets to leave a mark on the dark web

A new report revealed how the Lapsus$ operators deploy their attacks, including some information about the TTPs of the highly unpredictable attacks of the group and an analysis of how they select and target victims. In the last five months, the Lapsus$ group became notorious after successfully breaching big-time firms such as Samsung, Nvidia, Okta,...
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Black Basta Conti Ransomware Hacker Group Malware

Black Basta may be connected to the Conti ransomware group

A new ransomware group called Black Basta has infected about a dozen organisations, and some researchers claim that it may have a link to the notorious Conti gang. The appearance of Black Basta was first discovered last month. Researchers also noted that they had already compiled samples regarding the new threat in February. The threat...
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Internet Explorer Security Flaw Vulnerability Abuse RedLine Infostealer Malware Dark web

Internet Explorer security flaw gets abused to spread RedLine attacks

New data revealed that threat actors are reutilising the RedLine malware in their cyberattacks against networks from over 150 countries in April this year. In January, researchers first identified a campaign that exploits the CVE-2021-26411 security flaw of the web browser Internet Explorer to spread the malware. RedLine stealer is a password-stealing malware available on...
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REvil Gang TOR Network Cyberattack Campaigns Ransomware Darkweb RuTOR

The REvil gang returns with a new TOR network for new attack campaigns

A new leak site allegedly owned by the REvil ransomware gang has emerged on the threat landscape after being inactive for a few months. According to reports, the gang’s new TOR network redirects its visitors to a new ransomware operation that seems to have already begun in December 2021. Furthermore, the new leak site exposes...
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