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Mandiant Google Cloud Cybersecurity Portfolio Security Threats

Mandiant gets included in Google Cloud’s cybersecurity portfolio

Google has recently revealed big news regarding their latest acquisition of a threat intelligence and cybersecurity firm, Mandiant, sold in an all-cash deal of $5.4 billion. After the acquisition has been finalised, Mandiant will be added to the array of Google’s cybersecurity portfolio, including VirusTotal, BeyondCorp Enterprise, Cybersecurity Action Team, and Chronicle, which is expected...
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ICANN Ukraine Russia Global Internet Access TLD

ICANN refuses Ukraine’s call to limit Russia’s access to the internet

Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion, Ukraine has been seeking the help of different companies and organizations worldwide to be their ally against the threats of the attacking country. One of the requests that Ukraine has made is for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN to revoke Russia’s top-level domains and...
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Poisoned Pipeline Execution PPE Cyberattack Targeting Repositories Cloud Storage Database

Poisoned Pipeline Execution (PPE) attack seen targeting repositories

Security researchers have demonstrated a new method called Poisoned Pipeline Execution (PPE) that abuses permissions inside Source Code Management (SCM) repositories. Experts claim that the new approach exploit can lead to poisoned pipeline attacks. Moreover, the researchers noted that the Poisoned Pipeline Execution focuses on utilising CI configuration files stored in pipeline repositories. These files...
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Ransomware Cyber Attack FinalSite School Website Outage Academic School Services

Ransomware attack against FinalSite caused school website outages

A school website services provider called FinalSite has experienced a ransomware attack resulting in numerous shutdowns of school websites globally. The website services provider is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) that offers website makeover, hosting, design, and content management solutions for senior high school districts and universities. FinalSite has provided website solutions for approximately 8,000 academic institutions...
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Electromagnetic Field Detect Evasive Malware Detection IOT Devices Cybersecurity

Electromagnetic field utilised to detect evasive malware on devices

A newly developed method to detect stealthy malware on IoT devices has been created by cybersecurity researchers, which uses electromagnetic field emanations to identify existing malware in every device. The method can also be applied to detecting obfuscated malware. The recent discovery was introduced by researchers from IRISA (Research Institute of Computer Science and Random...
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Microsoft Website Takedown Chinese Hackers Threat Group Nickel Threat Intelligence

Microsoft seized websites used by Chinese threat group Nickel

Microsoft has disrupted a hacking group’s activities after legally seizing malicious websites operated by a Chinese threat group named Nickel. Nickel was discovered to have targeted multiple firms in 28 countries, including human rights organisations, government agencies, and other intelligence groups. For this reason, Microsoft believed that the Chinese threat group was mainly focusing on...
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Ransomware Cyber Threats Microsoft Secured Core Servers Digital Risk Protection Windows Server

Ransomware threats now avoidable with Microsoft’s Secured-core servers

Microsoft recently announced that the first Secured-core certified Windows Servers and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI devices are now safe against cyberattacks, including ransomware threats. The tech giant’s Secured-core devices are offered to protect users against the surge of firmware vulnerabilities exploited by threat actors in bypassing Windows devices’ Secure Boot and the deficiency in firmware visibility...
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Tor Project Country Wide Censorship Russia Onion Network Dark Web Cybersecurity

Tor Project asked for help after receiving country-wide censorship in Russia

Russia said in the latest news that their country’s largest internet service providers have actively blocked the main website of the Tor Project – torproject(dot)org. Furthermore, the country might also be preparing for an extensive operation of blocking the entire project within their territories. The Tor Project enables users to automatically encrypt and reroute web...
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Crypto Exchange Executive Arrested Ryuk Ransomware Money Laundering Denis Dubnikov Extortion Cryptocurrency

Crypto-exchange executive arrested after aiding Ryuk to launder profits

A Russian native and co-founder of two crypto-exchange firms were recently detained at US authorities’ request after aiding the Ryuk ransomware group launder profits acquired from extorting several US-based organisations. The alleged aider, known as Denis Dubnikov, was arrested and detained last week when he tried to spend a vacation in a small town in...
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Cyberattack Banking Finance 36 hours US Policy Enforcement

Cyberattack must be reported by banks in 36 hours as per new US policy

The US federal bank regulatory agencies have recently approved a new policy commanding banks to notify their federal regulators of major cyberattack events within 36 hours.  Banks are required only to report significant cyberattacks if they have or will possibly affect their transactions, operation, stability, or delivery of banking products or services. Moreover, bank service...
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