BMW Munique subject to a Knight Ransomware cyberattack

October 19, 2023
BMW Munique Knight Ransomware Cyberattack Extortion

The notorious Knight Ransomware Group has claimed responsibility for a malicious cyberattack on BMW Munique Motors.

The affected entity is an authorised BMW dealership in the State of Rondônia. The group has claimed responsibility for the hacking incident on the dark web channel they often use to list their victims. Despite the threats made by the incident, the website of BMW Munique Motors continues to operate without clear indications of an attack.

On the other hand, the threat actors left a message on their claimed target’s website, stating that they would display the download links for the stolen files after a countdown to add a sense of urgency to the situation. The actors posted the message earlier this month and included a section titled “Disclosed Links,” where the threat actor intended to share the download links for the stolen data.


The Knight ransomware group specified that they attacked BMW Munique.


According to investigations, the Knight ransomware group emphasised targeting the official BMW dealership in Rondônia; hence, they attacked BMW Munique, not the parent company.

However, BMW Munique has yet to release an official statement that addresses the attack, leaving the validity of the cyberattack claims unverified.

Fortunately, despite the severity of the allegations, the BMW Munique Motors website remains fully operational and does not display indications of an attack. This detail suggests that the threat actors may have compromised on the organisation’s backend database, implying that the attack has a complex nature.

Unfortunately, this is not the first incident that involved BMW. This attack follows a previous cybercriminal campaign on BMW France that affected the Play Ransomware group. The attackers in this incident demanded a ransom and threatened to release stolen data on the dark web if the compromised entity did not meet their demands by April 9, 2023. The compromised data allegedly included clients’ documents, contracts, and financial information.

Furthermore, BMW France experienced a significant cybersecurity breach last year when its social media accounts suffered a hack that risked the reputation of the esteemed German automaker.

BMW Munique has yet to address the situation publicly. However, experts claimed that the affected entity now transacts with the attackers to protect the stolen data since this could endanger the company’s reputation and numerous individuals.

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