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The Harmony Blockchain Firm Lost Millions Crypto Assets Funds Cyberattackers

The Harmony blockchain firm lost millions of crypto funds to attackers

Recently, a group of cybercriminals have managed to heist approximately $100 million worth of cryptocurrency from a blockchain company called Harmony. The company issued a statement saying they had already reported the incident to the FBI, which is now investigating it alongside cybersecurity companies. Harmony’s Horizon Bridge enables users to transfer their cryptocurrency funds from...
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Hackers Keona Clipper Malware Cryptocurrency Infostealer Financial Trojan

Hackers used Keona Clipper malware to steal crypto funds from victims

A new [.]NET-based clipper malware, dubbed Keona Clipper, was found being sold on underground marketplaces for $49 per month, with an ability to steal cryptocurrency assets from a victim’s crypto wallet inside their computers. In usual instances, once launched in a compromised device, the clipper malware would constantly check on the user’s clipboard to search...
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LinkedIn Social Media Platform Cryptocurrency Scammers Fraud Prevention Fake Accounts

LinkedIn platform used by cryptocurrency scammers to terrorise users

The FBI released a threat advisory regarding an ongoing cryptocurrency scam that terrorises the LinkedIn community. According to one of the federal agency’s agents, the current crypto scam poses a significant threat on the social platform since the threat operators can target senior executives and other essential entities. The crypto scams operate like any other...
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The Blue Mockingbird group exploits the previously known Telerik flaw

A malicious threat group called Blue Mockingbird has targeted the Telerik UI flaws to infect its servers, mine Monero by hacking system resources, and install Cobalt Strike beacons. The CVE-2019-18935 is the deserialisation critical flaw leveraged by the threat actors, which leads to an RCE in the Telerik UI library. To exploit the critical vulnerability,...
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Malibot Malware Android Devices Steal Crypto Assets

Malibot malware hits Android devices to steal crypto assets

Italy and Spain were targeted by a new cyberattack campaign that utilises a new Android banking malware dubbed MaliBot. The new malware variant has been observed imitating cryptocurrency mining apps and the Chrome internet browser to target its victims. The studies conducted on the MaliBot banking malware show how the new variant could steal the...
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Golang P2P Panchan Botnet Linux Servers Cryptojacking Miner

A new Golang-based P2P Panchan botnet targets Linux servers

A new Go language-based peer-to-peer botnet dubbed Panchan has been observed by researchers targeting the Linux servers in the academic sector since it started appearing last March. The researchers stated that the malware utilises a built-in concurrency functionality to maximise its propagation and run malware modules. Additionally, they noticed that the Panchan botnet could harvest...
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Chinese Hackers SeaFlower Gang Compromised Web3 Wallets

Chinese-speaking SeaFlower gang spreads compromised Web3 wallets

A highly sophisticated Chinese threat gang called SeaFlower has been infecting iOS and Android users as part of its cybercriminal campaign that pretends to be an official cryptocurrency wallet website. The campaign is intended to spread backdoored applications that can potentially drain their target’s crypto funds. The chain of activity was said to be first...
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Docker Cryptojacking Cyberattack WatchDog Hacker Gang Operation

Docker cryptojacking attack is the newest WatchDog gang operation

The WatchDog cybercriminal group operates a new cryptojacking attack equipped with the latest tactics such as worm-like propagation, security system bypass, and intrusion. They also target exposed Redis servers and Docker Engine API endpoints. The group could also quickly pivot from one infected device to the whole network. Their main objective is to create profit...
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FBI Malicious Actors North Korea State Backed Developers Cryptocurrency Hackers

The FBI warns about malicious North Korean state-backed developers

North Korean state-backed application and software developers are observed pretending as US-based remote employees to attain IT jobs in the US and Europe’s technology and crypto companies. Several US federal government agencies have shared this report, including the FBI, Department of State, and Department of Treasury. The agencies have highlighted how North Korean state actors...
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Pixelmon NFT Fake Website Spoofed Vidar Malware Cybercrime

Pixelmon NFT site gets faked to lure users into downloading malware

NFT enthusiast becomes the newest target of a new cybercrime campaign involving threat actors creating a fake Pixelmon NFT website that infects victims with cryptocurrency wallet-stealing malware. The Pixelmon NFT is a project that aims to establish a metaverse game for its users to collect, train, and battle with other players using their in-game pets....
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