Agropur dairy company disclosed a data breach incident

July 2, 2024
Agropur Data Breach Dairy Company Compromised Data Cyberattack

One of the largest dairy companies in North America, Agropur, notifies its customers about a data breach incident that compromised parts of its shared web directories.

The company claimed that the breach did not impact its transactional systems and did not disrupt its core business operations. However, their initial investigation has yet to assess the scale and impact of the issue on their clients. As of now, the affected entity has already reached out to a third-party security provider and relevant law enforcement agencies.

This incident could have a massive impact on the industry, as the affected company processes about 6.7 billion litres of milk annually from 2,908 farm units. Additionally, Agropur is home to approximately 7,500 employees who make milk, cheese, butter, cream, and ice cream.


Agropur published the data breach notification late last month information and assured its customers.


According to investigations, Agropur claimed they have yet to identify proof that the attackers misused the exposed data. Still, the company advised customers to be cautious and raise awareness of the potential risks until their investigation concludes and more information is available.

On the other hand, a corporate representative confirmed the data exposure incident but declined to share any details about the event due to their ongoing investigation. The representative explained that the data breach had only affected a portion of Agropur’s shared online directory and had no impact on its transactional processes.

The firm also declared that its standard operation remained undisrupted despite its ongoing efforts to uncover the details of the attack.

Further reports also revealed that the company quickly initiated an investigation after discovering the issue and took steps to address it. According to a company representative, one of their initial mitigation tactics involved implementing corrective measures to limit the impact.

However, the company explained that they will not reveal additional comments at this time to avoid risking the investigation. Hence, the nature of the exposed information and the number of affected individuals will remain undisclosed.

Customers or registered members on the Agropur websites should be mindful of unsolicited communications as the threat actors could use the incident to conduct phishing operations that target concerned users.

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