Indonesian airports authority faces large-scale data breach

February 9, 2024
Indonesia Airports Authority Data Breach Hacked

An individual hiding by the name “TNG2R” asserts to have compromised the security of an Indonesian airports authority, specifically targeting APPays Angkasa Pura Airports, by offering a substantial database of 68,237,264 records for sale on a hacking forum at a significant price of $5,000.

The compromised database, totalling 72GB in size, reportedly includes a trove of sensitive personal information such as names, emails, NIK (Resident Identity Number), NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number), phone numbers, addresses, incomes, and more. The breach, which occurred in January 2024, raises concerns about potential identity theft, fraud, and other cybercrimes.

The files affected by the breach are reported to be compressed to 6GB and uncompressed at 72GB, making it a substantial and concerning breach. The breach has significant implications for affected individuals in terms of privacy and security.


The unconfirmed claims by “TNG2R” at the Indonesian airports authority create uncertainty, highlighting the urgent need for a thorough investigation.


The operators behind “TNG2R” opted for a SQL format for the breached data, which is a common type of database language used for managing and manipulating relational databases. The breached information is said to be circulating on the file-sharing platform Mediafire.

As of now, the claims made by “TNG2R” have not been officially confirmed or denied, leaving the public and potential victims in a state of uncertainty. The lack of verification underscores the urgency for APPays Angkasa Pura Airports to thoroughly investigate the alleged breach and take appropriate actions to address the situation.

Angkasa Pura Airports, represented by PT Angkasa Pura I, has been steadfast in its commitment to providing world-class services, emphasising international standard security, safety, and comfort for its customers. However, this incident prompts inquiries into the efficacy of the affected company’s cybersecurity protocols.

As the situation unfolds, affected individuals are advised to remain vigilant, changing passwords and monitoring financial accounts for any suspicious activities. It is essential for the organisation to promptly respond, collaborate with law enforcement, and provide clear guidance to those impacted by this potential breach.

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