Security breach exposes data from gaming MOD platform FiveM

February 9, 2024
Security Breach Exposed Data Gaming MOD Platform FiveM

The gaming community is concerned about reports of a significant cybersecurity breach affecting FiveM, a widely-used modification framework for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). Allegedly, a threat actor identified as XaynerSX has claimed responsibility for leaking sensitive data from FiveM, leaving the gaming community on edge.

The breach, which occurred recently, involves the unauthorised access and release of several SQL files containing a myriad of confidential information related to the platform. The leaked data purportedly exposes a range of details, including user information and other sensitive data that could have serious implications for the affected individuals.


The threat actor raised concerns among FiveM users by sharing database links on a hacking forum.


XaynerSX, the purported threat actor behind the breach, made the exposure on a hacking forum in February 2024. The post included numerous links that allegedly led to databases associated with FiveM, intensifying concerns among users and raising questions about the platform’s security measures.

FiveM, developed as a modification framework for GTA V, has gained popularity for its versatility in enhancing the gaming experience. It also serves as a multiplayer modification, allowing players to interact in a customised virtual environment. However, this breach has highlighted potential vulnerabilities in the platform’s security infrastructure, putting the confidential information of its users at risk.

As of now, FiveM has not issued an official statement addressing the situation, leaving users anxious and uncertain about the extent of the breach and the potential impact on their data. The lack of communication from FiveM has fueled speculation and raised concerns among the gaming community.

This incident serves as a reminder of the persistent threats that online platforms face in an increasingly interconnected world. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the gaming industry to exploit vulnerabilities for purposes such as data theft and ransom.

Users should stay alert, regularly update their passwords, and keep an eye on their accounts for any signs of suspicious activity. The gaming community awaits a response from FiveM regarding the breach and hopes for swift action to address the security concerns and reassure users about the safety of their data within the platform.

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