DMARC - Messaging

DMARC - Messaging

Fraud prevention is a key focus of any cyber security program. Malware and phishing attacks represent the major threat against the online channel. Protection against malware is critical to protect the online transaction. iZOOlogic uses a layered approach to protect the endpoint from malware and provide an identification of infected Users. iZOOlogic will disrupt the criminal networks, provide threat intelligence before the phishing attacks through to protecting the end user account before theft occurs. Online fraud scams are getting considerably more innovative in imitating legitimate businesses to get your information.


iZOOlogic provides services to monitor, detect and provide mitigation controls to combat malware and brand hijacking. iZOOlogic provides services to seamlessly detect infected end points without any end user intervention or compliance. Our sophisticated iZOOlabs is a laboratory dedicated to a range of analysis techniques providing mitigation against malware attacks. The iZOOlabs analysts can provide a range of mitigation and response techniques to disrupt criminal activities from C2 Servers, drop sites, infection routes.


iZOOlogic employs a variety of proprietary techniques and methodologies to provide robust protection from phishing. iZOOlogic will provide real time monitoring of eChannels, deploy a range of electronic counter measures, provide pre-attack intelligence and proactive detection. iZOOlabs will provide a platform to record all incidents and the forensic analysis mitigating current attacks.