Threat Visualisation

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Threat Visualisation

Data Integration allows for the machine to machine consumption of threat data allowing clients to automatically and seamlessly update their security systems. It is important for human users to understand current threats and incidents in order to make informed security decisions, fulfill forensic investigations and complete the life cycle of specific event. iZOOlogic provides a range of mediums that afford threat visualisation.

Threat Data Curation

iZOOlogic services allows clients to visualise, understand and manage their digital footprint. Understanding the digital footprint map overlayed with a visual representation of threats provides a mechanism to curate the large volume of threat data produced by the iZOOlogic platform. iZOOlogic analysts are dedicated to working with client to provide a primary level of data curation to ensure clients are update with qualified alerts and actionable intelligence.

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User Interaction and Experience

iZOOlabs Incident Management Portal provides a rich medium for threat visualisation via an intuitive dashboard, threat advisory section, incident portal and a suite of on demand and customisable reports. The interface allows the user to observe their digital footprint map and posture which can be overlaid with a rich context of threat posture. The portal UIs are custom built with client Security Analysts, Threat Researchers and Forensic Investigators at top of mind and are User centric.

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