November 4, 2020
chinese android mobile china backdoor apps data privacy information security

Android Mobile BackDoor Apps – Collects and sends user data back to China

For a reasonably low price of only US$50, you can now purchase an android smartphone capable of providing you with the latest technological features available on the market. You get HD (High Definition) Display, a basic data package, 4G/LTE data services, a substantial amount of memory and storage capacity, plus all the free built-in apps...
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Pfizer customer prescription call transcript data leak compromised data

Pharma Giant Pfizer leaks customer prescription info, call transcripts

Cybersecurity Researchers have uncovered a misconfigured Google Cloud Storage bucket that belongs to a Pharma giant, Pfizer. The newly discovered leak holds private medical data of hundreds of patients that take various Pfizer drugs such as Lyrica, Chantix, Viagra, and other cancer treatment drugs. Moreover, the exposed data also includes conversations from Pfizer’s Interactive Voice...
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