October 11, 2021
REvil Ransomware Hong Kong Marketing Company Fimmick

REvil Ransomware Has Struck Its Latest Hong Kong Based Marketing Company

Recently, a well-known malware called REvil Ransomware has attacked Fimmick, a Hong Kong-based marketing firm. The ransomware attack has been confirmed by a British cybersecurity firm in charge of monitoring the situation.  Fimmick is a marketing firm serving high-profile companies, including McDonald’s, Shell, Asus, Coca-Cola, and others.  Currently, Fimmick’s website is down, and there are no proper...
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Cloud storage applications malware downloads ransomware

Cloud storage applications top the most utilized avenue of malware downloads, according to recent studies

Cyberattacks have been utilizing cloud applications as an avenue of distributing malware, as per recent studies. Researchers have identified that 68% of malware downloads were derived from cloud applications for the 2nd quarter of 2021. Cloud-based misconfigurations are often a contributing factor in terms of these issues.    About 66.4% of malware downloads for the 2nd...
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