October 30, 2021
healthcare institution Israel cyberattack Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

A healthcare institution in Israel gets hit by a cyberattack, non-urgent procedures cancelled

A recent cyberattack has been reported by the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera City, Israel, that caused the healthcare institution to cancel its non-urgent elective procedures. The IT systems of the hospital were disabled by the unknown threat actor that forced the staff to recourse to use pen and paper in recording the hospital documentations.   Due to the...
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Desorden Group hacks ACER India servers user data compromised ransomware

Desorden Group hacks ACER India servers: millions of user data gets compromised

iZOOlogic security researchers have found the latest report about the threat group Desorden, which claims to have hacked the servers of ACER India, compromising millions of customer and corporate user accounts and financial data. More than 3,000 retailers’ login credentials have been affected by the data breach as well.  ACER India (Pvt) Limited, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a subsidiary of Acer Computer International, Ltd. The company focuses on...
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