February 3, 2022
Saltzer Health Patients Compromised Data Cyberattack US Idaho Identity Theft Fraud Prevention

Saltzer Health patients’ data got exposed in a cyberattack

Saltzer Health, a healthcare institution owned by Intermountain Healthcare, advises all its patients that their personal information might have been compromised and exposed after a cyberattack conducted by unauthorised entities obtained access to the institution after stealing an employee’s email account. The healthcare institution operates 12 clinics and urgent healthcare facilities in different cities in...
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iLOBleed Rootkit Firmware HP Devices Malware Data Wipe Data Breach

A new iLOBleed rootkit hides inside the firmware of HP devices

From the discovery of a cybersecurity group, a new rootkit is found to obfuscate itself inside the firmware of HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) devices that threat actors are utilising to wipe the servers of Iran-based organisations. The researchers called it the iLOBleed rootkit that targets the HP Lights Out firmware. The iLOBleed rootkit is a...
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Clients Credit Card Stolen T-Shirt Website Data Breach Card Skimmer Identity Theft

Clients’ card details got stolen from a t-shirt site after data breach

A famous wrestling t-shirt selling website called Pro Wrestling Tees has revealed a data breach attack that has compromised the credit card details of thousands of its customers. Pro Wrestling Tees is an online marketplace that enables professional wrestling entertainers to set up their stores to sell various merchandise such as posters, action figures, memorabilia,...
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Threat Actors Google Docs Phishing Attacks Digital Risk Email Phishing Brand Abuse

Threat actors abuse Google Docs to spread phishing attacks

Even Google Docs has not been spared from being abused in cyberattacks, as researchers found that threat actors are exploiting its commenting feature to execute phishing attacks since December last year. Many employees globally are familiar with how Google Docs email alerts work. Receiving such alerts on their Gmail accounts might make them curious to...
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dark web hacking community 2easy marketplace

The dark web community favours the 2easy marketplace

According to an expert’s analysis, the importance of the 2easy marketplace on the dark web has dramatically grown since it contributed more to the black market’s platform improvements and consistent quality of its offerings, resulting in positive reviews among the cybercrime community. The 2easy marketplace is entirely automated, which means everybody can establish an account,...
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