April 4, 2022
AcidRain Malware Ukraine KA-SAT Satellite Modems Viasat Telecom

AcidRain malware wiped out Ukraine’s KA-SAT satellite modems

Another data wiper malware dubbed AcidRain was recently discovered by cybersecurity experts that attacked a telecommunication satellite called KA-SAT, owned by the Viasat company. The attack has impacted thousands of Ukrainian citizens alongside various countries in Europe. The new sophisticated wiper malware was found in the middle of March and can brute-force file names and...
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Hackers Mars Stealer Spoofing OpenOffice Downloader Installer Malware Info Stealer

Hackers spread Mars Stealer via spoofed OpenOffice downloaders

Mars Stealer, one of the newest info stealers in 2022, is now rising to the spotlight upon cybersecurity researchers noticing its recent launches of large-scale attack campaigns. From its past name, Oski malware, which has shut down in 2020, Mars Stealer presents its improved and extensive information-stealing features that target a wide range of software...
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JSSLoader Microsoft Excel Add-Ins Bypass Security Detection

JSSLoader utilised MS Excel add-ins to bypass security detection

The JSSLoader remote access trojan (RAT) propagates using Microsoft Excel add-ins during their attacks. Researchers attributed the newly discovered threat campaign to the Russian FIN7 threat group and have been actively circulating in the wild since December two years ago. The attack campaign uses a new and more elusive variant of JSSLoader. Its threat operators...
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Encryption Process LockBit Ransomware Malware Strains Conti Threat Intelligence Cybersecurity

The encryption process of LockBit ransomware is the fastest among strains

A new study discovered that the LockBit ransomware could encrypt 25k worth of files in under 60 seconds. The time interval for the encryption process is so thin that before a targeted organisation feels the effect, the ransomware would have accomplished its task. Modern-day ransomware is very time particular; therefore, time is of the essence...
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SunCrypt Ransomware Malware Fraud Prevention Extortion Windows OS DDOS

The SunCrypt ransomware is still out in the wild despite inactivity

A prominent ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) operation called SunCrypt is still active in 2022 despite being idle for some time. The ransomware developers have been working on updating it with new features and capabilities to be used in attacks. The ransomware came to light after being one of the first threat groups to utilise the triple extortion...
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