April 11, 2022
Malicious Links Telegram Compromised Accounts Social Media Cyberattacks

Malicious links are sent to Telegram users to take over their accounts

Users of Telegram accounts are not safe anymore after Ukraine’s technical security and intelligence service released a warning that a new wave of cyberattacks is targeting them using malicious links. These malicious links are sent to Telegram recipients via a fake warning that a login attempt had been detected from a device in Russia and...
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Borat Malware Spyware Payload Cybersecurity Remote Access Trojan RAT AsyncRAT

The new Borat malware is an all-in-one payload, according to experts

Researchers on dark web markets have observed a new remote access trojan (RAT) called Borat. The malware could enable threat actors to control a targeted device’s network points, stored files, mouse, and keyboards. The researchers stated that the newest remote access trojan is circulating in the wild, and more research is needed to analyse it...
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Fire Chili Windows Rootkit Deep Panda Hacker Gang Log4Shell Vulnerability

Fire Chili Windows rootkit added by Deep Panda gang to their weapons

The Chinese-speaking threat group known as Deep Panda was spotted by researchers targeting the VMware Horizon servers with the Log4Shell critical vulnerability. Based on reports, the attacks of Deep Panda utilise a malicious novel rootkit dubbed by researchers as Fire Chili. According to the researchers, utilising the Fire Chili rootkit is relatively new to the...
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Mirai Botnet Variant Vulnerability Exploit TOTOLINK Router DDoS BeastMode

Mirai botnet variant included several exploits to its arsenal

BeastMode, a Mirai botnet variant, has upgraded its arsenal by adding new exploits. Researchers have found that the botnet has included five new vulnerabilities to exploit between late February and March 2022. In addition, three out of the five new exploits affect several models of TOTOLINK routers. According to the researchers that found the newly...
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