April 20, 2022
T-Mobile SMiShing Cyberattacks Phishing Warning Advisory NJCCIC

Experts warn T-Mobile users against rampant SMiShing attacks

Several T-Mobile customers have recently filed reports about being targeted by a new SMS-phishing (SMiShing) campaign that attacks the victims with malicious links using unblockable texts via bulk or group sent messages. The public warning advisory was released by the New Jersey Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC), an organisation that focuses on cybersecurity incident...
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Conti Gang Cyberattacks Wind Turbine Nordex Campaign

Conti gang attacks the wind turbine giant Nordex in their latest campaign

A European wind turbine giant, Nordex, has recently suffered from a ransomware attack claimed by the notorious gang Conti. The attack had caused the firm to shut down its IT systems and remote access to its managed wind turbines. The attack transpired on April 2, 2022, when the wind turbine manufacturing firm immediately detected the...
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Customer Support Fraud Scam Fakecalls Trojan Malware Android

Customer Support fraud became possible with the new Fakecalls trojan

A new banking trojan dubbed Fakecalls is currently compromising Android device users to hijack their phone transactions with a bank’s customer support number. The operators of this new campaign intercept incoming and outgoing calls to redirect customers to the fake lines designed by the cybercriminals. The malware portrays itself as a mobile application from popular...
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Sandworm APT Threat Group Industroyer2 Ukraine Energy Sector

The Sandworm APT uses Industroyer2 to target Ukraine’s energy sector

Russia’s Sandworm advanced persistent threat (APT) group has been seen compromising supplies in Ukraine by interrupting its electric transformers using the Industroyer2. Moreover, the group uses the latest wipers and worms to target multiple operating systems such as Solaris, Windows, and Linux. According to the joint advisory published by CERT-UA and security researchers, they have...
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Russia Ministry of Culture Victim Anonymous Gang Hackers

Russia’s Ministry of Culture is the newest victim of the Anonymous gang

The Russian Ministry of Culture is the latest victim of the Anonymous hacktivists group, following their consecutive attack campaign dubbed OpRussia, which aids Ukraine in their war against the opposing country. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February of this year, the Anonymous hacktivist group opted to side with the latter country. The notorious threat...
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