May 5, 2022
ARcare US Healthcare Provider Data Breach Threat Actors Mississippi Arkansas Kentucky

ARcare, a US healthcare provider, breached by threat actors

An American healthcare provider called ARcare has admitted that it suffered a data breach attack from a group of malicious threat actors. The healthcare institution has branches in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kentucky, and a representative of the organisation revealed that the breach may have impacted nearly 350,000 individuals. According to the data breach alert provided...
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Internet Explorer Security Flaw Vulnerability Abuse RedLine Infostealer Malware Dark web

Internet Explorer security flaw gets abused to spread RedLine attacks

New data revealed that threat actors are reutilising the RedLine malware in their cyberattacks against networks from over 150 countries in April this year. In January, researchers first identified a campaign that exploits the CVE-2021-26411 security flaw of the web browser Internet Explorer to spread the malware. RedLine stealer is a password-stealing malware available on...
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AI-generated Images Online Scam Fraud Prevention Cyberattack campaigns Social Engineering

AI-generated images exploited for new scam campaigns

Scammers are becoming more advanced as technology progresses after security researchers discovered that AI-generated images are being used to conduct fraudulent activities. Based on a report, one victim received a suspicious email from an alleged attorney in a Boston law firm. After examining the email’s sender, it turned out that they are non-existent, and the...
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Lemon Duck Botnet Docker Servers Cryptomining Cyberattack Malware

Lemon Duck botnet breached Docker servers to launch crypto mining

A massive Monero crypto mining attack using the Lemon Duck botnet has targeted Docker Application Programing Interface (API) on Linux servers. Researchers said its operators launch the botnet attacks to target misconfigured Docker systems. The threat actors operating the recent Lemon Duck campaign hide their crypto wallets behind proxy pools based on sample analysis. Moreover,...
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Nokoyawa Ransomware Malware Threat Group TTP Cyber Threat

The latest information about Nokoyawa ransomware gets uncovered

Researchers claimed that the Nokoyawa ransomware showed similarities with the Hive group after noticing resemblances in their tricks, tactics, and procedures (TTPs). However, the researchers have taken a step back and reevaluated some things after separate researchers shared new details and discoveries on the Nokoyawa ransomware.   The Nokoyawa showed signs of being Hive related,...
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Third Party Vendor Antivirus Flaw Vulnerability Virus Total RCE Exploit Patched

A third-party AV flaw on VirusTotal triggering RCE exploit gets patched

A security flaw was found within Google’s VirusTotal platform, allowing threat actors to exploit it to accomplish remote code execution or RCE via the unpatched third-party sandboxing machines employing anti-virus applications. The vulnerability was fixed immediately after being discovered. VirusTotal is a malware-scanning platform under Google’s security subsidiary that investigates suspicious links, domains, and files...
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