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Lenovo Windows Firmware Flaws UEFI Attacks BIOS Notebook Ideapad Legion

Lenovo users are warned of three firmware flaws launching UEFI attacks

Three firmware bugs were found in Lenovo devices, which the tech firm immediately patched after discovering that they could be exploited for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) attacks. The vulnerabilities were assigned as CVE-2021-3970, CVE-2021-3971, and CVE-2021-3972 and used for deploying and executing UEFI malware through SPI flash implants or ESP implants inside Lenovo Notebook...
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Mobile Robots Hospitals found Critical Flaws Vulnerability Exploit

Mobile robots that aid hospitals are found with critical flaws

The healthcare sector is among the many organisations that have been targeted by cybersecurity attacks, including hospitals that hold a massive number of confidential patient data that could be exposed to data leaks when software vulnerabilities arise. Nonetheless, hackers still prefer targeting the sectors that would provide them with surefire financial profit and tend to...
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Google Sued Puppy Fraud Scheme Operator Fraud Prevention Online Scam

Google hunted down and sued ‘puppy fraud scheme’ operator

A threat actor from Cameroon is found by Google operating malicious websites that sell basset hound puppies to defraud people looking for pet dogs amid the pandemic. Dubbed the ‘puppy fraud scheme’, the identified campaign had already been sued by Google. The operator behind the malicious campaign was a Cameroon-based individual named Nche Noel Ntse,...
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Google Play Malicious Apps Mobile Malware Sharkbot Trojan

Google Play removes malicious apps containing the Sharkbot trojan

Six Sharkbot malware-infected applications from the Google Play Store, disguised as antivirus apps, have been removed from the application store after infecting over 15,000 users who installed the program on their Android phones with the trojan. With the help of the malware, the malicious applications aim to steal banking data, personal information, and passwords from...
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DoJ Russian Malware Watch Guard Asus Cyclops Blink Sandworm

DoJ eradicated the Russian malware that impacted WatchGuard and Asus

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced that they have successfully eradicated the Cyclops Blink malware that attacked vulnerable internet-connected firewall devices of WatchGuard and Asus tech firms. This operation interrupted the Russian Federation’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU)’s control over the botnet that infected thousands of devices. Previously attributed to Russia’s GRU, the Sandworm...
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Mirai Botnet Variant Vulnerability Exploit TOTOLINK Router DDoS BeastMode

Mirai botnet variant included several exploits to its arsenal

BeastMode, a Mirai botnet variant, has upgraded its arsenal by adding new exploits. Researchers have found that the botnet has included five new vulnerabilities to exploit between late February and March 2022. In addition, three out of the five new exploits affect several models of TOTOLINK routers. According to the researchers that found the newly...
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Muhstik Gang Exploited PoC Lua Sandbox Linux Debian Apache Log4j Critical Vulnerability

Muhstik Gang quickly exploited the PoC for Lua Sandbox

The Muhstik botnet gang was quick on their feet after immediately using researchers’ proof-of-concept exploit about the Lua sandbox critical flaw. Researchers released the PoC on March 10 then the botnet group has utilized it for distributed denial-of-service operations the next day. Based on the reports, the threat actors targeted critical vulnerabilities called Redis Debian...
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RedLine Stealer Malware Fake Valorant Cheat Guide AimBot Gaming Discord

RedLine Stealer spread through fake Valorant cheat guide

Multiple threat actors have abused YouTube’s new submission guidelines to distribute malware, such as the RedLine Stealer, which has targeted the Valorant gaming community on the popular streaming site. The RedLine stealer propagation campaign abuses RIOT GAMES’ first-person shooter game called Valorant. Based on reports, the threat actors endorse cheat codes to bait players into...
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Google Chrome Versions SEO CryptBot Variant Malware

All Chrome versions get targeted by the new CryptBot variant

The CryptBot infostealer has been tweaked by its developers and can now distribute itself through websites that offer pirated software. Its operators constantly modify the info stealer’s command-and-control server, dropper sites, and malware based on recent reports. The CryptBot threat actors utilise SEO to rank their sites and portray them at the top of Google...
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MS Teams Cybercriminals Chat App Microsoft Office 365 Threat Actors Malware Cybersecurity

MS Teams users targeted by cybercriminals through chats

Threat actors have reportedly been found to use the MS Teams in spreading executables via chats to distribute malware across all users. Microsoft’s communication platform currently has about 270 million monthly active users, making it an attractive spot for threat actors to target. Researchers found over a thousand attacks against MS Teams account since the...
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