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Clients Credit Card Stolen T-Shirt Website Data Breach Card Skimmer Identity Theft

Clients’ card details got stolen from a t-shirt site after data breach

A famous wrestling t-shirt selling website called Pro Wrestling Tees has revealed a data breach attack that has compromised the credit card details of thousands of its customers. Pro Wrestling Tees is an online marketplace that enables professional wrestling entertainers to set up their stores to sell various merchandise such as posters, action figures, memorabilia,...
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Threat Actors Google Docs Phishing Attacks Digital Risk Email Phishing Brand Abuse

Threat actors abuse Google Docs to spread phishing attacks

Even Google Docs has not been spared from being abused in cyberattacks, as researchers found that threat actors are exploiting its commenting feature to execute phishing attacks since December last year. Many employees globally are familiar with how Google Docs email alerts work. Receiving such alerts on their Gmail accounts might make them curious to...
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Meta Lawsuit Phishing Threat Actors Facebook Instagram Social Media Policy Enforcement NSO Group

Meta files lawsuit against phishing actors on Facebook and Instagram

Meta, also known for its previous brand called Facebook, has filed a lawsuit in a Californian-state court to obstruct all phishing campaigns that target WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram users. The threat actors used these phishing campaigns to utilise about 40,000 pages and sites that would imitate the login pages of the four apps to...
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Facebook Bans Spyware Companies Cyber Espionage China Cobweb Technologies Cognyte Black Cube Bluehawk BellTroX Cytrox

Facebook bans seven alleged spyware-making companies

Facebook has suspended the operations of seven companies allegedly operating as spyware-as-a-service entities. The social media giant has blocked the internet infrastructure, sent cease and desist orders, and banned the seven companies from its platform. A director of a cyber espionage investigatory group stated that they acted against the seven entities to obstruct their ability...
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LINE Pay Data Exposure 100000 User Data GitHub Payment App Japan Taiwan Thailand

LINE Pay exposed over 100,000 app users’ data to GitHub

The mobile payment provider LINE Pay disclosed recently that over 100,000 of their user’s data, payment details, and information were accidentally posted on GitHub from September to November of 2021. Numerous files detailing its customers in a LINE Pay promo that happened between December 2020 to the early weeks of April 2021 were unintentionally inputted...
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Threat Actors Technology Landscape Manufacturing Sector IOT Internet of Things

Threat actors target the evolving landscape of the manufacturing sector

Based on experts’ recent findings, it is believed that the manufacturing sector has been one of the many industries being targeted by cyberattacks. These findings might be because of the industry’s extensive use of software tools with advanced technologies, including their adoption to the evolving world of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. An example of...
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Apple Cyberattack Pegasus Spyware NSO Group Vulnerability Exploit

Apple users gets attacked by spyware that forced the tech giant to sue

NSO Group, along with Q Cyber Technologies, was sued by Apple in a US federal court after allegedly attacking consumers with Pegasus spyware and describing them as notorious amoral hackers in the 21st century who developed a high-level surveillance tool used for cybercrime and deliberate abuse. The file charged against the Israeli spyware firm marks...
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TikTok Content Creators Phishing Scam Online Fraud Social Media

Popular TikTok content creators get victimised by a recent phishing scam

New reports reveal that a recent phishing campaign has targeted over 125 large TikTok accounts owned by content creators and brands worldwide. According to the report, the phishing email received by the victims contained warnings about their accounts being deleted for copyright violations or being eligible for a verification badge. Victims may get dazed by...
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Console Gaming Vulnerabilities Sony PS5 Firmware Kernel Exploit Cybersecurity

Two console vulnerabilities were found on Sony’s PS5 within a day

The latest cybersecurity news has shaken the gaming community as attackers are reported to steal PS5 root keys and exploit the kernel computer program, which revealed a wide vulnerability within its gaming consoles.   Security experts have found two vulnerabilities on the PS5 consoles that expose them to attackers who can control their basic features...
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Facebook Content Reporting System Kazakhstan Harmful Content Social Media

Facebook’s content reporting system is granted for Kazakhstan to help eliminate harmful content on Social Media

Kazakhstan has recently been granted direct access to Facebook’s content reporting system by the social media platform’s parent company, Meta. This movement is part of a joint agreement to remove harmful content found on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.  Meta and the Ministry of Information and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan have released a joint statement that infers the agreement being the first one...
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