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LeakTheAnalyst Threat Group Data Leak UK Military Ministry of Defense Dark Web Forum

LeakTheAnalyst threat group allegedly leaked UK military data

Security experts have recently discovered that the LeakTheAnalyst threat group had allegedly leaked the UK military sector’s data. In a tweet, a researcher shared some screenshots regarding the issue, including a statement from the threat group, a countdown until they release the alleged data leak against the UK military sector and a snippet of the...
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Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Firm Warns Customers BEC Attacks

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics firm warns customers of BEC attacks

After the latest ransomware incident, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics warned its customers of increased business email compromise (BEC) schemes regarding payment transfer and bank account alterations. The ransomware attack happened earlier in December 2021 and forced Hellman to shut down its systems to mitigate the spread of the virus. However, by the time the company’s resident...
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Conti Ransomware Gang Image Sharing Shutterfly Digital Brand Abuse

Conti ransomware gang attacks image-sharing company Shutterfly

Shutterfly, an image-sharing company and photography giant, has been hit with a ransomware attack performed by the Conti threat actors. The said attack has encrypted over 4,000 of their clients’ devices and 120 VMware ESXi servers that compromised their corporate data. Security researchers stated that they had not discovered the negotiation of the victim and...
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LINE Pay Data Exposure 100000 User Data GitHub Payment App Japan Taiwan Thailand

LINE Pay exposed over 100,000 app users’ data to GitHub

The mobile payment provider LINE Pay disclosed recently that over 100,000 of their user’s data, payment details, and information were accidentally posted on GitHub from September to November of 2021. Numerous files detailing its customers in a LINE Pay promo that happened between December 2020 to the early weeks of April 2021 were unintentionally inputted...
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Threat Actors Technology Landscape Manufacturing Sector IOT Internet of Things

Threat actors target the evolving landscape of the manufacturing sector

Based on experts’ recent findings, it is believed that the manufacturing sector has been one of the many industries being targeted by cyberattacks. These findings might be because of the industry’s extensive use of software tools with advanced technologies, including their adoption to the evolving world of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. An example of...
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Japanese Electronics Panasonic Data Breach Japan Brand Abuse Compromised Systems

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic confirms suffering from data breach

Recent reports revealed a data breach against Panasonic, a Japanese multinational corporation and electronics giant, that compromised their data stored on a file server as the unknown threat actors have managed to access their systems. A press release by Panasonic confirmed that their network had been illegally accessed by unknown third-party threat actors last November...
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Hackers Steal Master Passwords Last Pass Data Leak MFA

Hackers attempted to steal the master passwords of LastPass users

LastPass users worldwide were frightened after a message was sent to their respective emails about their master passwords being accessed by unknown threat actors from unrecognised locations. However, the access attempts were immediately blocked as a safety precaution since they came from unidentified locations. Stories of similar LastPass master passwords being compromised were seen posted...
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Middle East Eye News Website Spyware Hackers Yemen

Middle East Eye news site targeted by spyware hackers to spy on Yemen

Security researchers have recently reported a cybersecurity attack wherein an anonymous foreign government had hacked a British news site with the help of an Israeli spyware company to take over the devices of the site’s visitors. Candiru, the threat group involved in the incident, is a spyware company that offers cyberespionage services to its clients....
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TikTok Content Creators Phishing Scam Online Fraud Social Media

Popular TikTok content creators get victimised by a recent phishing scam

New reports reveal that a recent phishing campaign has targeted over 125 large TikTok accounts owned by content creators and brands worldwide. According to the report, the phishing email received by the victims contained warnings about their accounts being deleted for copyright violations or being eligible for a verification badge. Victims may get dazed by...
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Magento Flaw Ecommerce Compromised Data Payment Skimming Attacks Vulnerability Exploit

A flaw in Magento e-commerce compromised thousands of retailers’ data

Recent reports identified a vulnerability in Magento e-commerce platform that threat actors exploit to perform payment-skimming attacks against online retailers and steal their customers’ payment details and other sensitive information. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) declared that about 4,151 total retailers had been attacked because they exploited Magento’s vulnerability on its checkout pages. The...
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