Government-related hackers posing cyber threat to foreign companies in Vietnam

January 8, 2020
vietnam government cyber attack cyber threat foreign companies

Nowadays, cybercrime is one of the most popular crimes circulating around the world. That’s why many companies are giving their efforts to save their companies by providing cybercrime solutions and protective measures against possible cyber threat attack. And the government is not exempted to this attack.

These hackers are attacking multinational companies for several years now. The American cybersecurity company FireEye (NASDAQ: FEYE) reported that the group who targeted foreign governments, dissidents and journalists through malware and other commercially available tools labelled as the APT32 (OceanLotus) was also the same group responsible for this recent attack to foreign companies situated in Vietnam.

Charity Wright, a cyber threat intelligence analyst and former NSA offensive Asia Analyst, authored a Threat Brief that was issued on the growing offensive cyber capabilities of Vietnam. The existing threat posed by the hackers is the immediate response to economic issue but could come up with a deeper response to internal political issues.


A new cybersecurity law came into effect last year 2019 requiring internet companies in Vietnam to remove content of communist authorities deemed to be against the state. A total of 10,000 cybercrime warriors were deployed to fight online dissent in Vietnam and to combat proliferation of views it deems offensive or toxic.


As a result of effecting this new cybersecurity law, youngsters decided to migrate to the dark web. Charity Wright also added that as Vietnamese authorities attempt to strengthen their grip via censorship, they drive more and more Vietnamese citizens to the dark web for access to unfiltered content. In these dark web forums, cyber capable youngsters are likely to learn the skills of cyber criminality. Because of this, they provide continuous dark web monitoring for Vietnamese youngsters.

While the Vietnamese government rejected the accusations being thrown to them, the foreign ministry spokeswoman of the government, Le Thi Thu Hang, said that the government of Vietnam does not allow any form of cyber-attacks against organizations or individuals. All cyber-attacks or threats to cybersecurity must be condemned and severely punished in accordance with regulations and laws. Vietnam stands ready and closely cooperates with the international community in the prevention and combating of cybercrime attacks in any form.

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