Mouse Cursor Hijacker: The New Scam

October 16, 2018
tech support scam

Previously we have discussed here in iZOOblogs about the modus and dangers of tech support scams:

These old scams have proven themselves to be prevalent, because according to a reliable source in a contact center of a software security company they get a lot of contact regarding these scams where they thought initially to be a combination of ransomware and a tech support scam which turns out to be only a tech support scam.

Now it seems that another method of the upgraded tech support scam is highlighted for its notoriety due to its hijacking method where the mouse pointer of a machine(Windows or/and MAC) is hidden to complete the modus. You heard it right, not only the browser hijacker locks your browser(Chrome) it now hides the true mouse cursor and replaces it with a fake one so that an affected user will get the impression that the mouse is not working.

What will happen if you try calling that number that appears on your screen? Checkmate! You get baited! Then these scammers will actively phish for information asking you credit card details so that you pay them a heavy sum of USD, and then will ask the victim for remote access! Who needs a Remote Access Trojan if the victim willingly allows the perpetrator?

Who can be affected with this hijacker?

According to my sources the general consumer population who loves to browse and get discounts are likely affected.
Consumer population who works and browse the corporate machine can get the computer infected.

How to escape from being Hijacked?
Heads up! Most of the affected are not technically versed. In this case they will have no basic anti phishing knowledge. Therefore I hope these helps in providing techniques to escape a browser-mouse cursor hijacker:

  1. Shut down the normal browser windows by pressing the Ctrl + W in Windows or Command + W for MAC. It is expected that the browser will shut down, or at least the individual browser windows for Windows computers.
  2. If number one does not work try bringing up the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del to shut down the process.
  3. Lastly if the first two recommendations won’t work then unplug the power or battery of your machine.

But wait before you think you are done!

Run an antivirus scan using any legitimate anti malware software, or/and run any anti adware program to get the hijacker off your browsers.

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