Cheating Winner Malware Winner

July 9, 2018
Cheating Winner Malware Winner

Cheating Winner Malware Winner

Is there by any chance that you like to play multiplayer competitive games online, like Fortnite and PUBG? Then most players who are competitive in skills and spirit encounter overeager players who are taking advantage of glitches and cheats provided by 3rd party unauthorized programs.

This trend has been going on for years since the gaming industry started, up until today where games evolved to be more interactive and played through sophisticated machines using the internet to get people play together across the world in servers connecting them to participate and have fun.

What can make it so dangerous?

But did you know that fun can be spoiled and ruined no matter how advanced gaming came to be? Through a lot of various reasons, whenever technology evolves so do cyber security comes along with it despite being promised with more secured features and less glitches, these things never end and it seems to reoccur as part of a gamer’s life.

Who are affected?

Not only it affects individuals but it affects corporations too who are exposed to glitches being turned to cheats which can spoil a game, and as a result can tarnish a game’s reputation damaging the reputation and potential income of the game corporation who created and distributes the game.

How can it harm victims?

But getting cheated on the game is just the tip of the iceberg, because those who are using those 3rd party applications created by unverified authors may have delivered the cheats that were promised but for a price, and we are not talking about money. The price of cheating is getting infected with a Malware that can steal personal information through a Man in a Middle attack right after downloading the cheat program without going noticed.

Malware Payload and Modus

That is possible by infecting the host space through the web page where the untrusted application has been uploaded, and then when downloaded by unsuspecting users that is when the payload of the malware will begin by infecting the computer and web pages it is connecting with to change the pages and potentially access information of the victim.

This modus can be used to steal massive information from unsuspecting victims, and then the information collected can be used for phishing campaigns to send out emails or collect more information for a larger scale phishing attack.

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