Cloud Security Services: How Secure Are They?

July 17, 2018
Cloud Security Services

Cloud Security Services: How Secure Are They?

The steady rise on popularity of cloud security services among businesses show no signs of slowing down, and it is only natural at this point to ask this relevant question: which one carries the heavier blame during a security breach? To answer, most cloud security breaches resulted from end users’ side of mismanagement, and lack of awareness.

While several corporations use cloud services as well, most of its customers come from small-to-medium businesses that can’t afford huge amount of resources for their data repositories; as such, they continue availing popular cloud sharing services from Google Enterprise Apps to CRM-related marketing database. Recent research reveals 73% of small-to-medium businesses pay at least one cloud app to boost productivity and streamlined business efficiency.

It’s only natural to assume that allowing a third party online infrastructure offers a better defense against security breaches. It may rightly be the case after all – given the added layer of protective protocols it boasts. However, this seemingly dazzling marketing promise isn’t a 100% guarantee. Sadly for corporate customers, they think their cloud provider handles every facet of business security (another survey confirmed this alarming point.)

To better educate their end users, cloud service providers always reiterate that protections in the cloud is a shared responsibility. Sure, providers need to uphold a certain level of protection upon their own infrastructure – that’s what their services are selling in the first place.

But that’s only half of what needs to be done for impeccable online security. Everything else falls upon the business’ responsibility. Some tips include:

• Setting up strong passwords for shared cloud access.
• Secure system configuration of their services that reflects a business’ safe regulation policies.
• A combination between cloud and on-site security.
• Comprehensive cloud trainings for both system administrators to external employees alike.
• Detailed logs for every cloud incident.


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