WikiLeaks founder Indictment

July 14, 2020
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Founder and Director of the well known non-profit organization WikiLeaks – Julian Assange (Age 48 from Australia) is facing 18 counts of the indictment in the presence of the US Department of Justice. The charges were for curating as considered the biggest conspiracy of highly classified intel in the United States of America’s history. The case is about the espionage done by different cyber-criminals in favor of WikiLeak’s purposes to deliver breaking news from different vital sectors in the US.

Debuted in Iceland by the organization Sunshine Press in 2016, Assange heads WikiLeaks for the sole purpose of bringing into public the classified information that is for news blackout. Wikileaks are communicating with different anonymous entities to gather information. On top of it are shreds of evidence to present to the public news that high-profile people, organizations, countries want to heed to the people’s knowledge.

Part of their controversial news includes the 2016 US Presidential election campaign, which beliefs to be the reason that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential race. The military invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq that kills many people which include footage to show as evidence to support their breaking news. They also exposed secret trade negotiations and military espionage and reconnaissance done by many first world countries to its rival.


With the help of many contributors from which they named ‘Anonymous,’ WikiLeaks became the spokesperson of many internet hactivist.


It is for the world to know the real happenings that could be a threat to one’s life. They exclusively released documents that tackle political and ethical topics that are supposed to be hidden from public knowledge. All contributors are treated confidential, and profiles are securely stored on servers on unknown locations to preserve their anonymity. Though some condemned WikiLeaks journalistic approach and topics to be published, many still applaud their underlying statement to let the public know the news that tends to be hidden.

However, these sources became questionable and leads to the charges of indictment against Assange. With the pieces of evidence presented before in the United States Department of Justice, a communication between Assange and well-known hackers such as LulzSec & Anonymous Hackers confirmed that he was giving orders for these groups to perform infiltration to gather classified information in favor of WikiLeaks. The communication was used as evidence unknowingly to Assange that LulzSec was already working under FBI supervision. Speculation of being involved in such conspiracy also aroused as Assange asked assistance to hack the community to continue its activity and provide relevant news to WikiLeak’s advantage.

Currently, Assange is in prison in the United Kingdom after Ecuador revoked his asylum and recently in progress to extradite him to the USA in September to face the charges against him. If found guilty, he may serve a total of 175 years imprisonment for this conspiracy.

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