Yet Another McAfee Tech Support Scam Aimed at Personal Data and Credit Card Info

December 1, 2018
Credit Card info

The data gathered by con artists incorporates clients’ names, email addresses, card numbers, expiry dates, CVC numbers and that’s just the beginning. Clients have been encouraged to screen their credit card reports for any uncommon action.

Another McAfee technical support trick has been found focusing on clients’ close to home and Mastercard data. This program based trick traps clients into trusting that their McAfee membership has lapsed and should be recharged.

Business as usual –

Clients were sent a notice message on their programs, which expresses “Your McAfee membership has been terminated on 18 October 2018”. The message is intended to trap clients into renewing the membership by tapping on the ‘Renew Now’ option showed on the screen.

When a client taps on the catch, he/she is diverted to another page that requests his/her charge card data. This is trailed by another frame that requests for more personal data.

The data gathered by con artists incorporates clients’ names, email addresses, card numbers, expiry dates, Card Check Code or CVC numbers, personal residences, city, state, postal division and telephone numbers.

When the client presents the required information, he/she is taken to a page that interfaces with https[:]//www.onlineav-shop[.]com/ajax/Default.aspx/SaveCardInfo. The connection is utilized by tricksters to exfiltrate and store the data given by the person in question.


When the client has presented all the data requested by the con artists, he/she is diverted to a “thank you” page that contains a toll number. The con artists trap clients into trusting that they should call the predefined number to download the dynamic membership on his gadgets.


Be that as it may, the trick call interfaces the client with a con artist who puts on a show to be related with McAfee. The trickster asks for the client to enable remote access to his/her PC to introduce the product. When associated, the con artist advises the injured individual that the establishment has bombed because of an issue with the charge card installment process and that he needs to buy the product through McAfee’s site. As it were, the con artists have discovered a mischievous route by which to increase remote access to exploited people’s PCs

Trick site likewise injects unwanted Adware –


Aside from taking personal data, a similar trick site is likewise used to have and circulate undesirable adware, Thomas Roccia, a security analyst at McAfee Labs discovered.

Once introduced, the adware makes a few haphazardly named executables on the contaminated PC. It additionally diverts the unfortunate casualties to counterfeit web journals, undesirable chrome expansions, adware downloads, and grown-up locales.


How to remain on the Safe Side? –


Clients are encouraged to survey their credit card billing statements to decide if they may have made any installments to such tricks. Clients ought to likewise screen their credit report for any abnormal actions.

Con artists depend on individuals’ inborn nature to confide in substance from a confided in brand. It is accordingly basic that clients dependably be careful about any messages or messages sent to them, twofold browsing the email address. It is additionally prudent to dependably download official apps from the official site of the product supplier.


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