Twitter account hacking and how to protect yourself

October 15, 2018
Twitter Account Hacking: How to Prevent Them

Have you ever wondered if your Twitter account has been compromised?

Twitter now has a feature that lets you find out.

After Google and Facebook’s initiatives regarding Data Privacy, Twitter now tracks all devices logged into your Twitter account.

This additional security feature for Twitter users – dubbed Apps and Sessions – allows you to see which applications and devices are accessing your Twitter account, along with the location of those devices and a list of third party apps that have access to your account.

To see your account activity (including logged-in devices and locations), you can just head to your profile and check out the new Apps and Sessions section. You can even click on the list of devices to see more information, including the name and make of the device your Twitter account was accessed on, what browser and version it was used on, date and time stamps, and the approximate location the device was used in.

The good news is, if you do see suspicious activity on your account, like an unknown device or third party app, you can easily revoke the access in just one click. This will close any open sessions, preventing people with your Twitter account access to log back into your account again.

Of course, just like any other security protocols, you are highly advised to change your password as well as perform recovery and 2-step verification settings. This will prevent hackers from signing back in.


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