Fast and Furious Phishing Attacks – The Race against Time Matters

November 20, 2019
fast phishing attacks

Phishing threat timeline

It will only take a fraction of a second to complete the entire phishing phase, from the time the first victim opens and clicks on malicious email, attachment or url – then reaction time shutting down phishing website or tracing email reference to moving on after a few hours as if nothing critical happened. We cannot deny the fact that security measure both email and web browsers are insufficient no matter how refined and outwitted, it boils down on people running the organization and how fast they could respond. New breed of threat actors always at the watch of weakness, and how these exploit can be monetize and abuse.

Threat landscape

Prevailing security protections are too moderate to possibly be compelling against zero-hour threats a continued emphasis on the timeline of phishing attacks shows how much is at stake based on just the first few minutes of phishing attacks, and makes it clear why successful front-end protection of your organization’s against phishing attacks requires a high-speed, highly automated, real-time approach that is aimed to operate faster than both users and attackers.

Attack vector

Phishing vectors has grown with variety of sophistication and used these medium namely ads, pop-ups, social media, search, IM, SMS, rogue apps, and more. Security measures should cover all grounds from infrastructure down to rank and file. Security group need to make sure everyone is protected against these phishing traps too.


Vast majority of organization are avoiding an old-school and obstructive way to deal with security and risk as there are automated and effective approaches to identify and defend against fast phishing attacks at the beginning of their lifecycle. Security providers can combine the visibility and scale of global, cloud-based security platform with persistent, automated analysis and correlation of data across billions of URL’s per day-at speeds which are fast enough to turn detection of malicious phishing sites into more effective protection. Moreover, shutting all hindrances among detection and protection- combining network firewall featured with AV protection, policy driven, endpoint protection and unified threat management tools – are designed to move defenders even closer towards the vision of dynamic and real-time defense. A combination of pre-delivery detection and protection and post-delivery and response, leveraging the expertise and focus of specialized solution providers, is by far the fastest and most effective approach in the race against time.


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