4TB data compromised after cyberattack hits Israel’s Cellebrite

August 8, 2022
4TB Compromised Data Cyberattack Israel Cellebrite Digital Intelligence Cracking Cyber Hacking

The propriety data of an Israeli digital intelligence firm, Cellebrite, had been allegedly leaked recently, with the firm’s flagship product Cellebrite Mobilogy and the Cellebrite Team Foundation Server impacted.

Reports say that the source of the leaked data has yet to be identified. Moreover, only security researchers and analysts could get ahold of the leaked data samples requested from a non-profit whistleblower group called DDoSecrets (Distributed Denial of Secrets).


As a prominent hacking and cracking digital intelligence firm, Cellebrite offers various services for organisations’ digital data collection, analysis, and management.


Previously, the firm was on the hot seat after launching operations to unlock the iPhone devices of security agencies in the US. Experts believe that this organisation operates similarly to the NSO Group, including how these two firms are trusted by corporations and law enforcement groups worldwide to provide support in terms of digital intelligence and cyber hacking.

While the NSO Group has the notable Pegasus spyware, experts say that Cellebrite’s Universal Forensic Extraction Device is one of the firm’s key products for government agencies and security forces. The said product also shares the same code with Mobilogy, one of the impacted products in this issue.

On the other hand, the firm’s Team Foundation Server is a platform served for collaborative working. However, this platform has been replaced with Azure DevOps Server for code sharing, work monitoring, and software shipping.

A separate cyberattack had targeted the Team Foundation Server’s backup files, losing about 430GB of data. Meanwhile, 3.6TB of data was the alleged amount leaked from the Cellebrite Mobilogy attack. Mobilogy is a product for partners’ device diagnostics, content transfer, backup, and restoration.

Aside from the unknown source of this recent data leak, no threat groups have claimed the attack. Researchers have also yet to discover the cyberattack’s hacking technique, although they look forward to learning more details soon.

It is not a new occurrence for Cellebrite to be under attack. In January 2017, unknown cybercriminals stole and leaked over 900GB of data from the firm, consisting of political situations happening in different regions worldwide.

Cellebrite was also attacked only a month after the first one when another threat group had leaked the firm’s database of hacking methods against Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices.

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