ALTDOS ransomware attacks Singaporean real estate business OrangeTee

August 27, 2021
Singapore real estate OrangeTee ALTDOS ransomware

Online attackers using malware called ALTDOS have targeted OrangeTee, a real estate firm from Singapore, as they give a message this August to the threat actors saying that they are mentally and financially crippled because of the efforts of the attackers to harm their company.

OrangeTee, being pronounced as “Singapore’s 1st One-Stop Real Estate Digital Ecosystem for Property Agents”, has indeed been seriously affected by the attack, especially when ALTDOS has claimed the charge about the attack. Moreover, the ATLDOS group themselves have provided a statement and a proof of claim regarding the attack, saying that since June of 2021, they have been successfully intruding OrangeTee’s databases without the OT Group IT management detecting their creeping operations.

At least a thousand databases have been reported to be stolen against OrangeTee, including ProjInfoListing, NewOrangeTee, ACSystem, OT_Analytics, and OT_Leave. The stolen databases also range from corporate and financial records, including their clients’ sensitive personal and financial data. OrangeTee has released a statement posted on their website last August 6. Still, there were speculations that they also sent a separate email message to the ALTDOS team to negotiate some terms.


OrangeTee has not confirmed or denied, but there were reports that partners and clients begin to end their connections with them, banks have stopped doing transactions, and their real estate agents start to leave them too.


Although hoping to recover from the weight of the attack as soon as they can, OrangeTee’s future is depicted to be in unfavorable conditions as of now, and they are seeking more time to recuperate.

The firm announced on August 12 that they will not be able to pay the ransom agreement with ALTDOS because it is not approved by their board of committee. Because of this, ALTDOS has released a video that has shown some folders and directories that includes folders and files of almost 4,000 names, financial and account information, and more sensitive data as proof of claim and threat of releasing it.

As stated by the threat actors from ALTDOS, the frontend of OrangeTee is working while their backend is not. As of writing, ALTDOS has still not publicized and exposed any sensitive data against the OrangeTee.

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