BlackBasta Ransomware targeted Edwardian Hotels London

October 18, 2023
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The BlackBasta ransomware group claimed responsibility for a recent cyberattack against a hotel chain in the UK after leaking troves of data from the affected entity.

The alleged cyberattack on one of the UK’s most well-known companies, Edwardian Hotels London group, has emerged as the recent victim of the BlackBasta group. Based on reports, the group provided samples of sensitive data from the hotel chain in a dark web platform. The confirmed information in the leak included bank account details and passport data.

In addition, the BlackBasta ransomware group included the website of Edwardian Hotels London in its growing list of victims. On the other hand, concerned security experts have since raised worries about the alleged cyberattack, sharing screenshots and details of claims made by the BlackBasta group.


The company’s website persisted despite the threats from the BlackBasta ransomware.


This high-end luxury hotel and restaurant chain’s website remained accessible following the alleged BlackBasta ransomware attack. However, it is worth noting that neither the luxury hotel group’s official Twitter nor web pages admitted any ransomware attack or data security breach at the time of this incident.

These details emerged after a threat analyst posted on Twitter about the alleged cyberattack on the Londoner Hotel, a privately owned hotel under the Edwardian umbrella. Edwardian Hotels also owns other properties, such as the May Fair, Radisson Blu Edwardian, and the Edwardian Manchester, including restaurants and spas.

However, Edwardian Hotels has not disclosed the specific details about the ransom amount demanded from the hackers and the volume of the data they exfiltrated during the attack.

BlackBasta further escalated the situation by revealing data samples they allegedly acquired from the ransomware attack on Edwardian Hotels in London. Screenshots of this information indicated that the blurred pieces included passport information and bank account details. The actors used these details as evidence of the cyberattack.

Unfortunately, Edwardian Hotels has not been the group’s only London-based victim for the past months. Earlier this year, the BlackBasta group also claimed to have targeted Stanton Williams, which is a globally recognised design studio based in London. The full extent of the damage and the impact on both organisations are still a mystery.

UK-based organisations should be vigilant about the BlackBasta ransomware group since they have been attacking different entities in this region.

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