Meeting outage, another bomb for Zoom

May 21, 2020
zoom meeting outage

Zoom meeting platform was reportedly had a global outage last Sunday. This undoubtedly affected millions of people worldwide that use the platform for Business meetings, classes, fitness activities as well as Church mass that is being used in the said platform due to the pandemic.

The issue was reportedly started around 6:00 am PDT on Sunday, May 17th affecting users on the East Coast of the US and UK. Most problems that people encountered were audio and video issue and unable to join meetings.

Zoom has released its statement via twitter.


zoom bombing image 3



They have advised that the users that encountered the said issue should be able to host, join, and conduct Zoom meetings seamlessly if they try restarting the session at 08:39 PDT.

The outage was reported by Yahoo and DownDetector, which had 600 comments from the page visitors.

As per The Independent, the outage may have been a result of a considerable number of people uses the app to hold Sunday church services.

Zoom users have increased and serve 300 Million due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Users rely on this platform to conduct business meetings, so this kind of outage would be chaos to a significant number of users.

Just in the early days of April, Zoom has already encountered a security issue, which is Having this another problem a month after the Zoombombing will not be very helpful for them.

In the meantime, make sure to use the latest version, which is the Zoom 5.0 version. Here is the video tutorial on how to update your Zoom client.

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